Monday, 23 February 2015

Review: New Glamglow Cleansers - Supercleanse and Thirstycleanse from Sephora

As a big fan of the GlamGlow masks I just had to get myself some of the new cleansers they just brought out! There are actually three out at the moment, cleanser versions of the Youthmud (Youthcleanse - Black) Supermud (Supercleanse - White) and Thirstymud (Thirstycleanse - Blue)

I bought the blue and white!
At the time of ordering (An awesome friend of mine in the US who writes over at BeautyBangBang grabbed these for me from Sephora as you cannot currently get them anywhere else) the blue and white were the only options. Since then they have released the black Youthcleanse but personally I am not a big fan of the black mask so would not have got that anyway. I am however, eagerly awaiting the green Powercleanse!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Memebox Value Set: Benton Set Three!

My final Memebox review! Unless they decide to bring back international shipping and some more awesome deals from the past. It is pretty annoying that Memebox have stopped shipping, as I cannot deny some of the awesome deals I have been able to get through Memebox, not least the latest Benton Value set.

This is the entire Benton snail bee range plus their Honest Cleansing Foam.

Memebox Value Set: Dewytree

International shipping from Memebox stops tomorrow, so I have two last ditch reviews in case anyone has some points spare or just really wants to get some Korean beauty products before Memebox closes its doors for now.

So the things that appealed to me most from this Dewytree set were the masks.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Memebox Global 19: Unboxing and Review!

The box formally known as Global 19 has been renamed to 'January Box' More than likely because Memebox is no longer Global. I'm saying nothing.

This will be my last Memebox unless they change the shipping in the future and grovel massively. I do have two more value sets to look at but then thats it!

It's a shame as this is actually a nice box.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Memebox Product Review: Blithe Patting Water: Rejuvenating Purple Berry

Blithe patting water is a really popular product amongst Memefans. I am no exception! I received the sample pack of the three different versions in the LuckyBox 10 and the purple was by far my favourite, so when it was on sale with free shipping on the Memebox shop, I decided to get a big bottle.

Sadly this is no longer at the sale price but it is still on free shipping.

Memebox Product Review: Mememasks

So I am going to to do two Memeshop item reviews tonight and a few more tomorrow. With the recent change which is stopping international shipments as of February 10th there are a lot of people out there with points to spend. Hopefully some of these will help you decide what to buy for your final Memebox purchase (for now?) First up: Mememasks!

These are Memeboxes own brand hydrogel masks.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Memebox Shara Shara Value Set: Review

Suckered in by pretty packaging: guilty as charged.

I have heard good things about the Sake range and this was a good value set, plus the packaging is so pretty.