Sunday, 1 February 2015

Memebox Product Review: Mememasks

So I am going to to do two Memeshop item reviews tonight and a few more tomorrow. With the recent change which is stopping international shipments as of February 10th there are a lot of people out there with points to spend. Hopefully some of these will help you decide what to buy for your final Memebox purchase (for now?) First up: Mememasks!

These are Memeboxes own brand hydrogel masks.

I really like hydrogel masks, and I have used them from Memebox, Innisfree and Etude House. All are really lovely and these Memebox ones especially are very nourishing. They are currently $30 for 15 with free shipping, so $2 a hydrogel. When I got them they were also on BOGO half price, so I paid $45 for 30 which was pretty good!

I also got one as a gift for the Wine and Cheese issues!

I always find it hard to go on and on about sheet masks. They are just a lovely treat and I usually have mine on in the bath, but with hydrogels I put them on beforehand as the steam in the bath makes them slide off. As they are two piece, one eyes and nose and one chin they fall off much easier than a full face sheet mask! I have not been a big fan of the XO Memebox line, but the masks I definitely recommend!

Martha x

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