Monday, 9 February 2015

Memebox Value Set: Dewytree

International shipping from Memebox stops tomorrow, so I have two last ditch reviews in case anyone has some points spare or just really wants to get some Korean beauty products before Memebox closes its doors for now.

So the things that appealed to me most from this Dewytree set were the masks.

I first recieved Dewytree detox masks in my CoffeeBreakWithDani box and I really enjoyed them. All of the ones I have tried have been black from dewytre and soaked in essence. I have only used the ginseng one but I am excited to try the others from the range.

The second item which appealed was the serum, which I bought mostly to give to Kitty as she was such a big fan of the Dewytree Collagen Serum from Naked24 which seems almost impossible to get anymore, so we hoped this Dewytree serum would be as nice!

And finally a tea tree clay mask from Dewytree. This is very very green! It was nice but I don't like it as much as my Glamglow clay masks so I have passed this on. Plus I find tea tree far too irritating for my skin currently.

Overall for me this box wasn't great value. It was around $35 and the only thing I am keeping is the masks.
The set is sold out but bumper packs of the masks are still available if those are of interest to you!

One last value set to review, and my Memebox journey is over! Never fret though, there are plenty of Korean beauty websites to buy from which I will do a blog post on soon!

Martha x

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