Monday, 23 February 2015

Review: New Glamglow Cleansers - Supercleanse and Thirstycleanse from Sephora

As a big fan of the GlamGlow masks I just had to get myself some of the new cleansers they just brought out! There are actually three out at the moment, cleanser versions of the Youthmud (Youthcleanse - Black) Supermud (Supercleanse - White) and Thirstymud (Thirstycleanse - Blue)

I bought the blue and white!
At the time of ordering (An awesome friend of mine in the US who writes over at BeautyBangBang grabbed these for me from Sephora as you cannot currently get them anywhere else) the blue and white were the only options. Since then they have released the black Youthcleanse but personally I am not a big fan of the black mask so would not have got that anyway. I am however, eagerly awaiting the green Powercleanse!

So as I said earlier all of these cleansers have a corresponding mask.

Both of these cleansers match their masks in colour and texture, and even smell. They really are very similar. The Thirstycleanse smells amazing, like porridge and oats and is a wonderful everyday cleanser. It is not at all harsh and does not irritate my skin. It leaves it feeling wonderfully clean and does not feel like it is stripping my skin. These are described as 'mud to foam' and I did not find the Thirstycleanse foamed as much as the white one but it still was a brilliant cleanser.

The Supercleanse, like the mud mask is a very thick grey cleanser which foams up after your add water to it on your dry face. It foams up a lot more than the Thirstycleanse in my experience. As this is a counterpart to the Supermud it felt very tingly on the face and really gave it a very deep clean and left a little redness afterwards. This is not something I consider a problem as I know the affects of the Supermud mask and why I personally use it. Therefore I will only be using the Supermud mask once a week or when my skin feels particularly congested. It is not suitable for my skin as a daily cleanser, unlike Thirstycleanse!

I will definitely repurchase both of these and cannot wait to try the Powercleanse. They are only available in Sephora at the moment and Sephora will not ship them internationally. I am sure they will come to the UK soon as we seem a little behind with the releases. They are $39 in the US and for that you get 150g of product. People may consider that high, but I feel they are well worth it. The bottle is huge and come withs a pump dispenser which is hygienic, and you barely need much to cleanse your whole face.

When I first saw the cardboard tubes I expected the product inside to be a lot smaller (like the giant superfluous packaging on the mask!) but the bottle is actually quite snugly inside so matched the cardboard outer quite closely.

Highly recommended cleansers. Hopefully when they do hit the UK they will sell the samples as they do with the mud masks so you can try them without investing in a full bottle, BUT I must say these are now the only cleanser (along with my Emma Hardie Moringa Balm) that I will use!

Martha x

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