Monday, 9 February 2015

Memebox Value Set: Benton Set Three!

My final Memebox review! Unless they decide to bring back international shipping and some more awesome deals from the past. It is pretty annoying that Memebox have stopped shipping, as I cannot deny some of the awesome deals I have been able to get through Memebox, not least the latest Benton Value set.

This is the entire Benton snail bee range plus their Honest Cleansing Foam.

As this set was $50 I snapped it up, despite having more than my fair share of Benton essence stashed away. I only had one of the lotions which I have bought from BeautyNetKorea, the essence is a staple in my collection and I am really loving the toner so far. My current regimen includes both the toner and the essence. I like the steam cream and the lotion but I have others I am currently using as they are open. As a note, the steam cream pictured is slightly misleading as it is quite a small tube.

So you get a great range of items for your $50. The lotion is the 'newest addition' to the value sets and the main reason I purchase my fourth set... I may have bought two of set two. BUT I use the essence everyday, and I am not using the toner everyday. I have a crazily huge lavender lotion to get through before I can start using my Benton Lotion.

I am sure I have blogged about the amazingness of this essence before. It is something I will purchase and repurchase from Korean beauty websites such as BeautyNetKorea. Its around $10-15 and it is amazing. I use it everyday and I have about 8 back up bottles which I have acquired through Memeboxes, value sets and people selling them cheaply on European K-Beauty Queens facebook group! A must try for anyone and everyone! A lot of people use this for acne prone skin. I do get break outs but I would not say I have acne but this product has kept my breakouts under control.

A new addition to my skin care regime but one I am loving. The only bad thing about it is the one I am using the pump sprays very oddly so sometimes misses my cotton pad. I just hold it very close but it may annoy some people who are used to a more precise spray for their toner!

This is not from the snail bee line and a lot of people have been avoiding this product due to it having a high PH of 8 for a facial cleanser. Those with acne prone skin should try to keep their PH of their cleansers a bit lower, but I have been finding it absolutely fine, especially in collaboration with the Benton Snail Bee Skin Toner. I don't like the smell of this though and I don't see it as any better or worse than any other foaming cleanser so its not something I will rebuy.

These masks split opinion due to their small size and apparent 'lack' of essence. As someone with a fairly normal size face I don't find them small, and personally I find the essence about right. Yes it will dry out on the face but to me that shows my face has absorbed the essence. Squeezing it out all over my entire body is not a requirement for me with sheet masks!

Overall this was a great buy, both for those familiar with the range and those who wanted to try it for a great price. Value sets like this is what I loved about Memebox and what makes me hope they come back eventually, despite my current annoyance with the way international customers have been treated!

Martha x

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