Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Memebox Superbox 52 Thumbs Up! Beauty Box: Unboxing and Review!

So on Black Friday (I think...) Memebox did a huge restock of boxes, almost every box they've every done it seemed. okay slight exaggeration but there was a lot of boxes restocked. One of which was a box I have really wanted, purely for one product. It took ages to sell out so I kept going back and ended up ordering three....

Memebox Shop!
I didn't want to be greedy and hoard them all but they seemed to hang around for a while. Perhaps people had forgotten about the star product!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Memebox Superbox 80 Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

I have had this box for ages but Christmas has taken over! The last food box Memebox released, and I am definitely hoping they do more!

Memebox Global

This box picture originally had an orange lipstick on it which sent people running for the hills! Luckily there was not an orange lipstick inside!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Lush Haul! Nightingale, 12 Days of Christmas, Snow Fairy, So White and lots more!

I love Lush, therefore I love the Lush Boxing Day Sale! I usually head down later in the day, firstly as I like to sleep in and secondly I am not one to deal with mental crowds! However there were some lovely boxes I really wanted to try to get so I headed down for opening time this year.

I managed to get the two Christmas boxes I had wanted. The Rosie box was from my lovely neighbour.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wine and Cheese Update!

So as we all know there was a bit of a mess on with the Wine and Cheese box from Meme. I thought I would do a quick round up of the second box I received as it had a different product than originally expected.

Memebox Special 76 The Empress' Secrets: Unboxing and Review!

The second part of my ancient queen bundle was the Empress' Secrets box. People expected milk in the Cleopatra box and most expected this to be a reincarnation of the much lauded oriental medicine box. I had very high hopes!

Memebox Shop
This box has, in my opinion, an odd mix of products and I don't really think they are particularly on theme, but as usual they are things that will fit into my skin care regime.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Memebox Special 74 Cleopatra: Unboxing and Review

Cleopatra, comin' atcha. Cleopatra, comin' atcha. If you recognised that, then you are extremely cool.

Memebox Global Shop
This box was a $29 box and I was expecting lots of luxurious milk products, as everytime Memebox puts a milk product in a box Cleopatra's name come up!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Memebox New Christmas Mask Box

Yey! I can get this as it fits my food and mask themes :D

Winter Mask Box!
Grab it before its gone!
Martha x

Memebox Special 63 Skincare Elixir: Unboxing and Review!

Described as a 'miracle in a box' the name of this box was immediately appealing. I can't resist anything with a super fancy name like Elixir! I was expecting things that looked like potion bottles from the Middle Ages.

Memebox Global Shop
A bit like that fancy green one in the picture!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Memebox Superbox 78 Dirty Gal: Unboxing and Review!

I had worried that Memebox had lost the plot and was just sending any old rubbish in the last few boxes, but this box (and sneaky spoilers of some more upcoming boxes) has restored my faith! If Cleopatra and Empress amaze me (hopefully here Thursday!) I shall be back in Meme love!

This box was supposed to contain products with ingredients that would usually be associated with being dirty rather than a cosmetic! My interest was certainly piqued!

Monday, 15 December 2014

BeautyNetKorea Haul: Banila Co, Etude House, Tony Moly

I have been a bit naughty recently, making a few orders from BeautyNetKorea and a couple of random eBay sellers of Asian Beauty products.

But I am really pleased with everything I got so does that justify it?

Memebox Special 81 Next Best Thing In Skincare: Unboxing and Review!

This box came out at random in the middle of a bit of a Memedrought. I had planned to stay away from vague skincare themed boxes but I saw it and bought it, woops...

Click to see the info card
This was actually a really good box so I was pleased to get it after all. The intital description made it sound like an OMG style box, which I don't think it is.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Memebox Special 73 Brighten and Correct: Unboxing and Review!

The second part of my bundle was the Brighten And Correct box. I have quite fair skin so I really like brightening products to keep it even and fade any scars or marks from spots that occasionally come along and ruin things!

Memebox Global Shop
That picture sold it to me. A lovely even fair skin tone, the stuff of dreams! Although admittedly something that is seeming ever closer with some of the awesome products I have found which are being repurchased!

Memebox Special 71 Wish Upon A Mask: Unboxing and Review!

Another mask box! The only exception to my (often broken) food themed box only rule! I love masks as they always get used up, there is always a great excuse to use a mask.

Memebox Global Shop
This is the 7th Mask Box I believe, I also got Mask 5 and Mask 6 previously! I don't thinkt hose were as good as this one though!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Memebox Shop: Cleomee Donkey Milk Sheet Masks Review!

This will only be a quick one as sheet masks aren't something you can go on forever about, but I thought I would review these whilst they are still in stock on Memebox, and on sale!

Click to check them out on Memebox!
I am a big fan of both sheet masks and the Cleomee Donkey Milky body lotion I got in my Cafe Box so I knew I had to try some of these!

Memebox Special 62 Tea Tree Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

 I had a bit of a mad mail week and got lots of parcels in one day! All the Memeboxes seem to be coming at once. This was one I had decided not to keep before I received it as I have come to realise tea tree is too harsh for my skin apart from spot treatments. My skin has been behaving nicely recently and I didn't want to upset that by using tea tree which is more suited to blemish prone skin. It is however a really great, high value box.

 This box is still available!
This box is still available!
Memebox did just restock this box and lots of others if you want to see what is still up for grabs!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Memeshop Product Review: Benton Value Set, Essence, Steam Cream and Sheet Masks

The Benton Snail Bee Essence quickly became one of my holy grail skincare items after receiving it in my Lucky 10 Memebox. I jumped at the opportunity to get a Benton Snail Bee value set as soon as Memebox released it!

Memebox Global Shop
The value set was a really good deal, it was $30 for the set with free express shipping, plus I had a $5 code so I paid $25 for a full size Essence, Steam Cream and a pack of ten sheet masks!

Memebox Special 64 Green Food Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

Another food box from Memebox! Anyone who knows me well (so Kitty and a select few other lovely ladies) know I try to stick to food themed boxes. I don't always succeed, but I do try!

Memebox Global Shop
From the marvellously green inviting photo I expected to be hit with a green overload as I opened the box.  I was not...

Memebox New Release: Christmas Boxes!

Finally a new release! If these take your fancy because I bet they sell quick with the Memedrought!

Click to see them!
Happy shopping
Martha x

Monday, 8 December 2014

Memebox Global 17: Unboxing and Review

This is only my second global box as I tend to stick to the themed boxes more. I am finding that each box I review feels like it is getting closer and closer to the end of Memebox. There are only two boxes left on the site, and they keep popping in and out of stock. Hopefully the new year will bring good news for Memebox fans. Anyway! Onto Global 17.

Memebox Global Shop
On initial spoiler pictures of this box I considered selling the whole thing as is. I am actually pretty happy that I didn't do that.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Memebox Collaboration 9 Soothing Sista: Unboxing and Review!

My first Memebox was a collaboration box between Coffee Break with Dani, but I had not been attracted by any of the collaboration boxes they have created since. That is until this awesome box came out!

Memebox Global Shop
This is a box curated by a Youtube blogger SoothingSista and from her channel I had assumed it was going to be mostly make up products like a lot of the recent Youtube based collaboration boxes. I was pleasantly surprised when this was mostly awesome skincare!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Memebox Special 65 Apple Mojito: Unboxing and Review!

The last of my mini box reviews, and the almost inevitable CutiePieMarzia2 repeat product; its Apple Mojito Memebox!

Memebox Global Shop
I think I was really testing the limits of my 'food Memebox' resolve when I tried to justify this as a food box, and I was right. The picture looks so promising, lime and mint floating around. Seemed perfect! It contained 5 full size items for $19.

Memebox Special 66 Petit Treasures: Unboxing and Review!

The second of my three mini box bundle and possibly the lightest box I have ever received. There was absolutely no weight to this box, and when I opened it that wasn't a surprise as it was a pretty empty box, both on quality and quantity sadly.

Memebox Global Shop

"A batch of rare and beautiful treasures" promised Memebox. Well apparently they were so rare none of them made it into my box!

Memebox Special 67 Blackout! Unboxing and Review

My latest three Memeboxes arrived in a bundle pack yesterday and I just got chance to take (terrible) photos of them to blog about. These are going to be short blog posts as they are 'mini' $19 boxes and I'm not keeping a great deal out of them! I am starting with Black Out! which was, in my opinion, the most disappointing box.

Memebox Global Shop
This box had four products inside, sadly one of which would be an item I would use so it will not be staying in my Memebox collection.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Foundation Review: Yves St Laurent Fusion Ink and Touche Eclat and Illamasqua Skin Base

I won't pretend I have a huge amount of knowledge or experience in foundation as I have always struggled to find one that matches my skintone. They are usually too dark or too yellow. Therefore I really haven't tried a huge variety of them! I have however found two perfect ones, and one pretty good one that I thought I would share!

YSL Fusion Ink B10 and Touche Eclat BR10 Foundations
As you can see my two favourites are both by Yves St Laurent.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Memeshop Product Review: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

I have heard this product raved about since people received it in the OMG Memebox, so when it went on sale at the Memeshop I had to grab myself some of this little piggy!

Look how cute he is. With his neckerchief!
I thought I would do a review whilst its still on sale for $19 (plus a free gift, but I wouldn't get too excited, it is no doubt a Marzia box!)