Monday, 2 February 2015

Memebox Global 19: Unboxing and Review!

The box formally known as Global 19 has been renamed to 'January Box' More than likely because Memebox is no longer Global. I'm saying nothing.

This will be my last Memebox unless they change the shipping in the future and grovel massively. I do have two more value sets to look at but then thats it!

It's a shame as this is actually a nice box.

Okay first up we have the cards.

No more blurry card pictures from me! The world weeps.

1. The Choute Aurora Pearl Base 30ml $18
This is a giant bottle of pearly highlight. It is extremely pearly, kinda like Benefit High Beam on crack. It does its job really well but I would not use it as a base as directed, as it would simply make me look a bit odd and I prefer a matte finish to my face, dewy at a push, pearly never. Apparently it gives you a natural 'lit from within' glow. I didn't find the finish on my hand at all natural. Maybe under a foundation it would look glowy but this won't be a product for me!

2. Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner 130ml $31
To add to our giant bottle of pearl base we have an even BIGGER bottle of toner. Everything else in the box was squished in around this as its absolutely giant. As I have mentioned previously toners are the 'rarest' product I have gotten in Memeboxes. I have moisturiser out of my ears even after selling a lot but toners are harder to come by! This is in a nice glass bottle, with a cap which takes superman strength to prise off. It also drips out of the bottle very very slowly, which is good if you spill it but it took forever for me to get enough on a pad for me face. Maybe mine has a dodgy lid or there is an air bubble or something. It doesn't have a strong scent and seemed really nice so far!

3. Pureplus Acai Berry Magic Bubble Cleansing Foam 80ml $12
After using the Elizavecca foaming cleanser I was hoping this would be a similar carbonated bubbly cleanser, but its not. Its just your regular foam cleanser. It smells really nice, almost like sweet fruity marzipan. I am terrible at smells but it does smell nice, but fake. This seems to be a nice enough cleanser which I will use up.

4. Mimi Lauryne Beauty Lesson hand Cream 50ml $17

This I am really pleased with. Yes I have a lot of hand creams already but this is lovely. I got it in Exotique (you could also have had Rosee Fleur and Aromatic Citrus) which is a lovely musky scent. it reminds me a lot of L'occitane and is lovely and thick.

5. Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita Capsule Cream 30ml $24
This is a brightening product aimed at targeting age spots and dark areas of pigmentation. I think this is more of a treatment than a moisturiser so you can mix it in with your moisturiser if you choose. Seems nice enough!

6. Syndrome Cosmetics Pouch Sample Revitalizing Fermentation Essence

I don't want to shock everyone, as I know this is dear to most peoples hearts, but I don't like samples. Whatever samples I get I tend to post out to my good friend Kitty who loves them. I think it is because I don't feel like a foil sample (or two!) can really give me a good trial run of a product. These samples contain galactomyces to help balance out combination skin. The usage instructions say to soak a cotton pad and pat the face and neck day and night, so to me this is a one day trial. Impossible for me to tell if this is good or bad, and the full size is $58. I'd much rather have a titchy 10ml or 20ml bottle to at least give me a weeks trial run.

7. Syndrome Cosmetic Pouch Sample: CB Cream Gold
See above for my views on samples. This 'miraculous' face cream instantly whitens and brightens, so I assume it means it has a white caste to it. As this seems to be more of a beauty product rather than a skincare product two sachets is probably enough for two faces so enough chance to test it. You may even get more than one use from one sachet but I am far too fussy to have half empty foil sachets floating around the place!

So there are four good products for me in this box, one that isn't for me and two samples I am not interested in because of my irrational disdain for samples. Not bad going at all.  The Memevalue is $102, not counting anything for the samples which is not bad considering the box was $23. I got it in a bundle so I won't count a shipping amount.

This box is sold out, but boxes are still available. Memebox will only be honouring orders up until February 10th for international buyers so if you are interested I suggest hopping on at the link below whilst you still can!

Martha x


  1. Has anyone ever told you that you are a wicked witch?

  2. Beauty products ain't gonna change a nasty inner soul...

    1. Won't they? Damnit. Reckon I can get a meme point refund?

  3. P.S. I am glad you can no longer get Memeboxes -- serves you right!

  4. What's with the psychotic bitch ^^? Seriously, what kind of pathetic loser does that? Anyway, great review! I love your blackened soul!