Sunday, 1 February 2015

Memebox Product Review: Blithe Patting Water: Rejuvenating Purple Berry

Blithe patting water is a really popular product amongst Memefans. I am no exception! I received the sample pack of the three different versions in the LuckyBox 10 and the purple was by far my favourite, so when it was on sale with free shipping on the Memebox shop, I decided to get a big bottle.

Sadly this is no longer at the sale price but it is still on free shipping.

I thought I would share how I personally use this product and why I like it. I do not claim to be a scientist or an expert, I am just sharing my own personal opinions. The recommended way for Blithe is to dilute is 1:100 in a basin of water and pat into the face. I personally like to add it to an aloe mist, currently using the Skin House Aloe Mist.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the safety of this, whether it is stable, whether it will go all mouldy or burn your face off. This mist has been on the go since late October, so three months now. The colour, transparency and smell have not changed. It still makes my face feel refreshed and personally I feel it does make my skin look brighter and more youthful.

I love this as I feel like I am spraying Ribena on my face, a great pastime of mine but now I can do it without it leaving my face sticky.

Whilst it is annoying that Memebox have ceased international shipping, I am glad they have introduced me to some items I will continue to buy, and Blithe Purple Patting Water is one of those.

Martha x


  1. I have the yellow one and I made my own toner cocktail with a couple of other mists. Just used little quantities of each so the cocktail lasts me a month and then I make it again.
    I'm was really upset that Memebox stopped international deliveries but seeing the new releases and the price hike, I feel like I'm not missing out on much.

    1. Yeah the brands that realy hooked me on Memebox have gone. No more Blithe! (Though I so want the pressed serum!) Need to find a good cheap source of 7 second masks though!