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Memebox Global 18: Unboxing and Review!

My penultimate Memebox, quite possibly! I have Global 19 on the way later this month and that is that! Still no new boxes this year, but some new value sets. Perhaps the boxes really are coming to an end!

A lot of people assumed that the Global boxes continue as this was I believe the original Memebox, with the themed ones added later, but so far Global 20+ has not arrived.

So this box has five full size items and a set of three sample sizes.

The first thing I noticed were the repeats, the point pads came in Cute Wishlist 1 (although I think different varieties) and the Beetox was in Lucky box 10 (and maybe other boxes too!) I am not sure if Globals ever said for definite no repeats, but they always tended to be a new selection of products so there were odd to see!

1. Purederm Shower Jelly 100g $6
This was a product with choices between Brightening Milk and Cooling Mint. I got Milk, and I do enjoy the 'do not eat' disclaimer on the package. I have never been a big fan of the Lush shower jellies as they seem to make such a mess so I was a little dubious about this. It is a lot more solid than a Lush jelly, I really had to dig my fingers into it to take a chunk out. This meant though that it did not fall apart as easily as the Lush versions and stayed one solid piece which I could use like soap. It is though much slippier than soap and I dropped it about four times whilst washing! It did come with a 'bubble net' which I assume you could use to stop yourself dropping it all over but it just seems like an unnecessary extra step and on extra soggy thing hanging around my bathroom.  It lathers fairly nicely but to be quite honest I just prefer soap or shower gel. I am not sure what is the point in these slippy jellies! I couldn't detect a strong scent from this.

2. Dr Mj Bee Tox Control Cream 55ml $50
Re-used a picture of this as like I said this already came in Lucky 10. This is a really nice moisturiser with bee venom and propolis to help your skin repair. I do like it but I do not need multiples of them as it is not my favourite moisturiser I have ever tried.

3. echoice Hand Therapy 60g $2
This hand cream promises to leave your hands dramatically suppler and softer. quite a bold claim for a hand cream that apparently only costs $2! This is a little bit floral for me personally. My favourite hand cream from Memebox so far has been the MangChee hand cream from the Wine and Cheese box as it is so thick.

4. Pure Smile Animal Point Pad 17ml $1
At a $1 price point you think they could have given us both of the point pads, both guava and pineapple. I was surprised to only find one guava point pad in my box. These are to target moisturise areas of your face that are in need. My issue with these is that when I need extra help on my face it is almost always on the sides of my nose where they meet my cheeks, and a round point pad isn't going to be able to target those or stay on my face. A version of these was in the Cute Wishlist 1 box, and I also feel like these leopard print ones have been in another box.

5. 3 x Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream 15ml
I think Intensiderm may be my least favourite word from the Memeverse so far. These are a sample size and you get 45ml altogether, as opposed to the full size of 50ml. Not much difference so I guess Memebox had a lot of these samples on hand. The full size would apparently set you back $42. This cream is a pale blue colour and leaves a very light blue tinge unless you massage it in very well. It is a very light cream so would usually be the consistency of a day cream for me, but I would have to make sure it was absorbed well in case of a blue face.  The smell is slightly medicinal to me. This states it is specially formulated to repair dry damaged skin.

6. Touch by Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master 2.2ml $46
You get an absolutely tiny amount of this product, only 2.2ml. most of the packaging is taken up with an elaborate twist up contraption to dispense the product through a little silicone nobbly bit, technical term.

The packaging reminds me of the Stila Glosses, in fact apart from the tip it looks almost identical.

As you can see more clearly with the coloured Stila, you get very little product. This is a clear gel which you can use to spot treat sore areas of skin. Unlike the point pads I can use the silicon nubbin to apply this to the sides of my nose. I do like it but I cannot see it lasting very long, especially for $46!

Overall there are three items I am keeping from this box, though the shower jelly I can take or leave. Nothing really excited me in this box and I am hoping Global 19 is better, but if it is indeed going to be the last box I can't see it ending on a high. This was a $23 box and because I bought it in the 17-19 bundles I only paid one $7 shipping charge. This is a 'high value box' of $142, but the majority of that is three almost $50 items.  In my opinion this box has three cheap items, two over priced items and one good item, that being the BeeTox cream. Overall I'm not majorly happy with the box but It's not completely worthless.

I have popped a link to the new value sets below, there is a Grinif one and a Sallys Box one, I am thinking of getting the Sallys Box set. I do like the Grinif items I have received, one of which being the eye cream in the value set which I received in While You Were Sleeping, I just think I have an overload of items at the moment, but sheet masks I can always go through... there are still no January codes sorry!

Memebox value sets
Thanks for reading!
Martha x

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