Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Neogen Code9 Gold Black Caviar Tightening Essence Goldtox Kit

I really loved the Skinfactory 7 Second Morning sheets so when I saw these on offer in the Memeshop and heard great things about them from other bloggers, I thought I would give them a try to see if they compare to the 7 Second ones!

Still available for $22!
I wanted to try these due to the reviews and my own personal enjoyment of the 7 Second Sheets. I also am a big fan of a lot of the Neogen products received in Memeboxes so far. Could these be an improvement?

So when I first received these I thought I had received a load of free things as well, due to the packaging. Take a look!

Four boxes...
Four boxes for a tub of 25 pads and essence. For the record here is my 7 Second Mask Review, these come in a plastic tub with metal tweezers on the lid.  So the four boxes consist of a box which contains the plastic tub of essence, a box with the tub itself and the 25 pads (dry), a box for the tweezers and an entirely superfluous box for the 'support' which is a completely unneccessary stand for the tub.

Behold the base of the tub! Okay so once I got into the boxes I set up the product. I asked around how people did this, did they soak all the pads at once? Did they just do a few at a time? Opinion was mixed so I went for it and just tipped the entirety of the essence into the tub with all 25 pads.

The essence is thick and gloopy and you can see the gold flecks floating about.

The pads themselves are also supposed to be infused with gold on one size, which is slightly more abrasive, and they have a softer side, identical to the 7 Second Pads which had a nobbly side and a softer side. I find these a little more exfoliating but personally I prefer the softer exfoliation of the 7 Second pads.

I would honestly love to be able to give a 'one or the other' preference on these but I really quite like both of them! The 7 Seconds are wonderful, but I love the opulence of this set also, and at the same price point I find very little to call between the two. I use these on work mornings, after cleansing, and I moisturise after and then do my make up. I admit I am lazy and before this my morning ritual was lucky to have warm water and a flannel in there, so probably any extra I did would make a difference. I do however really love the effect of both of these products and will continue to buy both. The 7 Second Masks are currently on free shipping at the moment at Memebox and are $25. $1 a pad may seem expensive but to me thats a month of sleep ins and god skin for about £12. Thats worth it to me!
Martha x

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