Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mizon Returning Starfish Cream and Eye Cream

Just a quick weekend post on some new items I received recently and have been loving, the Mizon Starfish creams. I love donkey, snail and bee items, so why not starfish too!

 I got these from eBay seller biz-inside and they came quickly and professionally packaged. Highly recommended eBay seller!

First impressions - the packaging is absolutely adorable. I got both of these creams for $25 but I believe the value is pretty equal between the two, but as you can see you get less in the eye cream as usual.

I was first introduced to these creams on the Peach and Lily subscription box site, and both of the images below are credited to them.  I decided not to order from them as they are a US based company to shipping to the UK plus the risk of customs charges was too great, sadly, as they are doing some fabulous boxes! I absolutely love this thick cream and currently it is second only to my Bounce Cheese Cream as a night cream.

I have been loving the eye cream an I do feel like it is helping with my dark circles. I never used to suffer too badly from them but my sleep has recently been disturbed and they were getting worse. This is definitely helping! See the pic below for the benefits of this wonderful thick cream!

Highly recommend both of these creams if you want to try something different!
Martha x

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