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Memebox Special 79 Garden of Eden: Unboxing and Review!

This is one of the last mystery Memeboxes I have ordered. I have Global 18 and 19 still on the way, Winter Masks still to review, and then that is it for now! This has partly been down to less boxes being released but also 'weak' themes, such as Holiday editions, which I am glad I avoided for the most part as they seemed to be clearing out stock from older boxes. I hope this means new boxes with new items for the new year.

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Definitely used new too many times in that last sentence. Oh well, lets see what NEW items are in the Garden of Eden box!

Many expected a resurrection of the dreaded Appletox, but as you can see by the cards, it has not bee included!

So for me I was expecting apple products, maybe some Syn-Ake snake venom items?  However with the recent glut of Appletox and Syn-Ake in other boxes I was glad that they actually weren't in this. Memebox seem to have taken the route of a fruitful bountiful garden with this box.

1. Charmzone Gingko Natural Foam Cleanser Cream 150g $16
I have received a lot of cleansing foams from Memeboxes, and personally I prefer mine to have a milk or grain base rather than fruit. This is a really large tube of cleansing foam that contains a high percentage of gingko extracts to soften skin whilst gently removing make up. The velvety texture allows the perfect consistency to massage and support circulation! I should have said earlier this is a larger sized Memebox and this product takes up a good proportion of it, its huge!

2. UCG Piteroma Peeling Shower Gel Face 50g $12
This was an initially confusing product as I assumed it was a shower gel, when in fact it is a peeling face gel (though it does mention a smooth body in the description...) I don't think it would last long as a body product! You massage it into your face to remove built up dried skin cells without damaging the healthy skin. This contains galactomyces and magnolia bark. I can take or leave peeling gels, I think I prefer gentle facial scrubs to be honest.

3. The Skin House Aloe Soothing Vitamin Gel 50ml $19
I was pleased to get a Skin House aloe product in this box as their aloe mist is one of my favourite Memebox items ever, so I figure I can't go wrong with another from their aloe range. This is a pale green gel with vitamin c capsules throughout.

The light really wasn't helping with camera focus but there are gold capsules in the gel
The directions on the box say to use this before you start your skincare regime over dry, red or irritated skin.I will start using this around my nose which seems to get very irritated and sore in Winter no matter what!

4. Tosowoong Rosehip Vita Essence 60ml $28

I received this exact product in the aloe variety in my Green Foods Memebox. It is a nice essence for daytime, but I like the smell of it much better than the rosehip one.  This claims to deeply hydrate dry rough skin due to the very high levels of vitamin c contained in it. You use this after toner in your skincare regime.

5. The Skin House Wrinkle Collagen Free Spot 30ml $28
Another Skin House product, this time an eye cream with aflower, peony, tomato, berry and vegetable extracts to target wrinkles. As you can see Memebox has definitely turned this into a generic vegetable/flower garden box, which in itself isn't bad but I don't think its quite on theme. You use this cream to target areas with wrinkles.

6. DD'ell Sweet Obsession Lip Balm Strawberry Holic $11
This feels a little like a filler item. It expires in October 2015 which isn't that soon but may explain its inclusion. Its a strawberry lip balm, not much more to say on the matter!

7. Cotterang Panda Eye Essence Mask 3ml $3
These are a one use set of eye patches. I was a little sad as I had assumed they were the type that go right round your eyes and are black. I have seen those before so thought these were those type! Never mind. These were sent out already expired so Memebox credited 2 points to the accounts that bought them, which considering their value as a percentage of the box that wasn't bad. I tried these earlier today and they smelt awful. I am not one of those people who think a product instantly shrivels up and turns disgusting at one minute past midnight on the expiry date, and they looked fine, so I'm guessing they just were a nasty smelling product regardless!

Overall this is a box with some good items in, but I definitely am feeling the Memebox overload now! The essence is lovely but I am pretty obsessed with my Benton Snail Bee so have little room for other essences in my skincare routine. I have a Memebox full of eye cream and cleansing foams that will take me a lifetime to go through, so overall I will keep the Skin House aloe gel and part with the rest (except the used up eye pads of course!)

This box was a $29 box which I got at VIP prices for $26 + $7 shipping. The value of this box is $117. As stated above we got a $2 points refund for the eye pads due to them being out of date. Overall I think this would be a brilliant box for those new to Memebox as it has a great range of products, and had I received this two months ago I probably would have kept all but the lip balm!

It is still quite slim pickings over at Memebox but there are some boxes available, and of course the shop is always open! No January codes yet for money off I am afraid, and the December ones are no longer valid!

Thank you for reading!
Martha x

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