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Memebox Winter Essential Masks: Unboxing and Review

I had not been tempted by any boxes that Memebox has released for a while, I passed on the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day boxes, but I loved the idea of a mask box!

Memebox: This box is currently available!

Although I have enjoyed Memebox mask boxes, I think this will be my last as I have signed up to MaskGenie, a brilliant new mask subscription pouch from Genie's Favourite Products (blog here and YouTube here!) As you can see from her blog she has tried and tested every mask in the box and they all look really exciting! Definitely a subscription I am excited about as Genie really knows what she is talking about when it comes to masks!

At the time of me writing this post, the Winter Mask Box is still available!  Here is a link to the electronic card which Memebox has included with some of the more recent boxes with shorter shipping dates, perhaps they are not having time to print the cards...

Electronic Card
So let's have a look to see what we got in this box!

1. Velieve Girlish Mask x 3 $7
These products were a choice of three from four. I got the honey, aloe and vita shining versions, and the fourth was a collagen mask. I believe some people got doubles so I don't think you were guaranteed to get three different ones! I love sheet masks, always happy to get sheet masks despite experiencing sheet mask overload (and still subscribing to MaskGenie as her selection just looks so awesome!)

2. Rire Patting Water in Moisture $42
So this is the 'big ticket' item in the box. It has a value of $42 but is currently on sale, all three varieties, in the Memeshop for $12. I am a huge fan of the Blithe patting water, I use it both in water and in an aloe mist and I love all varities. The first thing that struck me about this compared to Blithe is it is much thicker. It almost has a light serum type texture and not at all watery. Therefore when diluting it in water it is hard to mix and seems to hang in the water and takes some effort to mix it in whereas the Blithe just dissipates. Mine had leaked very slightly though I don't think the bottle was ever full to the very very top as the leak was minimal.

3. Inoface Real Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask in Collagen $2
This is another single use sheet mask, this time in collagen, which is nice considering collagen is the one type of Velieve mask I did not get. You could also have received Q10, Snail or Aloe. Again not much else to say except that it is a sheet mask!

4. Esthetic House Collagen Jelly Mask Pack 100ml $13
Pig collagen is used quite widely in Korean cosmetics. Elizavecca in particular does great pig collagen products. I am not squeamish about using the items and this has a lovely jelly like appearance which self heals when you take some out, in that it settles back flat. It smells pleasant enough with very little fragrance, and it reminds me quite a lot of the St Peau Collagen  Pudding Sleeping pack which I am currently working through. I will also use this as a sleep pack as the texture and effects are similar. It helps you to wake up with plumper, firmer and more nourished skin.

5. Lassie'el Raspberry Age Defying Yogurt Massage Mask x 4 $6
This is a four pack of little pots of yogurt wash off mask. What I particularly like is the little lid it comes with so you don't have to use it all at once if you don't need to! The raspberry yogurt smell and texture is really refreshing and enjoyable, and again the collagen in this helps to plump up and nourish your skin. All these products seem very targeted towards nourishment which in Winter is ideal!

6. Pure Smile Jewelry Bubble Ruby and Pure Bubble Royal jelly $2
Pure Smile I think shot itself in the foot with the packaging of these. Both these and the Jewellery Scrub they do come in very tacky packaging which automatically gave me a poor view of the products. I actually really love the Jewellery body scrub despite the packaging and I am hoping these tacky little jam pots surprise me too! The Ruby Bubble contains, amongst other things, ruby powder, green tea and aloe to soothe skin. The Royal Jelly Bubble obviously contains royal jelly, and over 40 other vitamins and minerals to cleanse the pores and nourish the skin.

This box is still available for $29.99 including shipping. Sadly there are no current codes for January to get money off this box.  Using the current shop value of $12 for the Rire water this does not come out as a high value box, at only $42 ($72 using a $42 value for the Rire) It is however full of things I am happy with so I am not disappointed, but as mentioned will probably stick to my MaskGenie subscription for my mask fix! I can't wait to write about it.

If you do want a Memebox fix they still have some new and old boxes available on the website!

Memebox Box Shop

Thank you for reading!
Martha x

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