Saturday, 31 January 2015

Memebox Value Set: Benton Set 2: Review

Admittedly these reviews seem a  little redundant now, as Memebox will be stopping shipping to countries other than the US, China and Korea as of February 10th. Not quite sure what has caused this turn of events but I figured I would review the last of my things in case anyone wanted to order before it all stops.

This is the second of three Benton sets. I got all three. I may have got two of this set. I may be addicted to Benton essence.

So the first set was the essence, steam cream and a set of ten masks, reviewed here. This set is again the essence and 5 masks, the toner (skin) and cleanser. The currently available set is all of the above, plus the lotion for $50 which is pretty good.

 First up we have the cleanser. I'll be honest I have not tried this one. I have heard the PH is high which for some is a concern. I don't have very oily skin so I am a little worried it might strip my skin but I will try it. I love the rest of the Benton range so it cannot hurt to try, especially as I have three bottles now!

 This is the Snail Bee Toner. Toner is one of the things I have received very few of in Memeboxes so I was glad to pick up a couple of the Benton ones. I really like this in conjunction with the essence. I am hoping to try this in conjunction with the cleansing foam soon. I was going to wait to review to try these together after I had used up my other cleansers but sadly I have been rushed into this review.

Benton Snail Bee Essence. One of my 'holy grail' skincare items, meaning I do not ever want to be without it. I have too many of these, I think currently I have 8 due to these value sets, it coming in Memeboxes and picking up a couple from sales in the UK Memebox Facebook thread. Luckily this is fairly easily picked up from sites such as BeautyNetKorea which are continuing to ship to the UK...

I attribute the fact I now rarely have blemishes to this product. I genuinely think it is that good!

Five more of the Benton sheet masks to add to my sheet mask hoard. I really do like these masks. They are a lot drier than many by Shara Shara or Pure Smile but I do not see that as a necessarily bad thing. They are great as a concentrated dose of essence when my skin needs it. I think I have about 25 of these at the moment!

Overall this was a great set. I'm going to also do a quick review of the currently available set too, which features the whole Benton Snail Bee range for $50 with free shipping. A real bargain for someone wanting to try these products.

Martha x

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