Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blush Collection - Illamasqua, MAC, Dior, Clinique, Hourglass

I have already documented my problems with lipstick. My blush problems come just in second place to my lipstick obsession.

There is just something so satisfying about a sea of beautiful different pinks.

OK so its not as crazy as my lipstick collection. 
I will swatch the Illamasqua below as they are not as widely known as the others.  The four MAC blushes I have are clockwise from top right: DollyMix, Kelly Osbourne Cheeky Buggar, Moody Blooms Bred for Beauty and Her Blooming Cheek.

Illamasqua swatches:

Left to right: Cream: Dixie, Seduce. Powder: tweak, Hussy, Nymph. Velvet: Peaked, Conviction
Illamasqua has three blush formulas, cream, powder, and velvet, which is a cream to powder finish. I love the Velvet finish but the range is a bit more limited than the others currently. Hopefully they will bring out more!

Extra picture of these three as they are so gorgeous.
Hourglass Ethereal Glow, Clinique Berry Pop and Dior Pink Reverie



  1. I love Illamasqua blushes - I think its the product they do best x The Hourglass Etheral Glow is so pretty - its on my wish list x

  2. They are so lovely! I hope they do more of the Velvet ones. I also want all of the Hourglass blushes, have you seen the blush palette that is apparently coming out soon? Its on my Christmas list!

    1. I hadn't seen that - it is soooooo pretty. I know it shouldnt as your getting a lot for your money, but the price puts me off a little. I have read that Milani blushes are similar so I think i will try one of them first and even though they are hard to get in this country the price is a lot lower x x

  3. I've seen a lot about the Milani Baked Blushes, I should take the plunge, I'm always nervous about eBay and make up though!