Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lipstick Collection Part 3 - The Purples!

Collection is starting to get smaller now :D

The purples!
Never thought I would wear a purple lipstick, but its one of my favourites now!
L-R Too Faced Melted Violet, MAC Heroine, MAC Mystical (LE Alluring Aquatic), MAC Dodgy Girl (x2) (LE Kelly Osborne Collection) MAC Flat out Fabulous, MAC Goddess Of The Sea (LE alluring Aquatic)

I got 2 Dodgy Girl's as it was such a stunning and difficult to dupe colour, it sold out immediately BUT came back into stock on MAC, and it STILL in stock. Click here if you want to grab it! People are paying tonnes for it on eBay but its still available from MAC!

And swatched

Flat Out Fabulous probably could have gone in with the pinks...
Too Faced Melted Violet - Super stunning strong violet shade, great opaque coverage
MAC Heroine - Very flattering on all skintones, a true purple, matte
MAC Mystical (LE Alluring Aquatic) A mauve that can look very natural!
MAC Dodgy Girl (LE Kelly O) A pinky lavender, so good I had to grab a back up! Matte
MAC Flat Out Fabulous - A purpley fuchsia, treads the line between pink and purple, matte
MAC Goddess of the Sea (LE Alluring Aquatic) Stunning packaging a great everyday purple

I truly love purple lipstick. My collection is small as so many companies don't have a purple in their range, but its a very underused colour! 

Please check out my red and pink lipstick collections, and will be posting vamps and corals and nudes soon!


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