Friday, 29 August 2014

Eyeshadow Palette Collection

On the back of my ridiculous lipstick collection comes my eyeshadow collection, all in palette form. I am not currently very ambitious or exciting with my eye looks, hence my limited collection, but I am hoping to change that and will chronicle any additions that come my way!

Not exciting, but beautiful!

Anyway yesterday I got the Naked 2 palette! Yes I know I am way late to this, and I have had the Naked 3 for a while, but o2 send me a Debenhams loyalty voucher, plus triple Beauty Club points and... well you know how it is!

I haven;t swatched any of these palettes as they have been out such a long time I assume everyone is sick of seeing them. However, if anyone wants to see comparison swatches or any colour on very pale skin (MAC NW10, Illamasqua SB2) feel free to ask and I will do some!

Naked 2 top, Naked 3 Bottom

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

MAC Kelly Osbourne Bloody Brilliant LE Quad


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