Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lipstick Collection Part 2 - The Pinks!

I thought my reds would be the biggest part of my lipstick collection, but it actually ended up being the pinks! I think this is partly because I have included fuschia pink, neon pink, deep raspberry pink etc, I have a bit more variety with the types of pinks in my collection!

Absolutely adore my pinks!

L-R YSL La Effronte Kiss and Blush, Givenchy Frambois Velours, Illamasqua Magnetism, Illamasqua Eurydice, MAC Kelly Yum Yum (LE), MAC Candy Yum Yum, MAC All Fired Up, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Red Balloon (LE), Chanel La Malicieuse, Guerlain Grenade (front) Guerlain Rose Grenat (LE) (front)

Swatches after the jump:

Fuschia through to hot pink! Yum!

Left to Right
Yves St Laurent La Effronté Kiss and Blush - another lip and cheek product in a bright hot pink
Givenchy Frambois Velours - a beautiful deep raspberry, semi matte finish
Illamasqua Magnetism - deep matte raspberry
Illamasqua Eurydice - bright matte fuschia
MAC Kelly Yum Yum (LE) - satin finish neon candy pink
MAC Candy Yum Yum -  deliberately swatched these together. Despite being clearly influenced, Kelly is a deeper shade, less neon than Candy Yum Yum. Candy is super bright with a matte finish.
MAC All Fired Up - A beautiful deep fuschia pink, matte.
MAC Girl About Town - A deep berry pink
MAC Red Balloon (LE) - Gorgeous fuschia pink, similar to Girl About Town, amplified finish.
Chanel La Malicieuse - A lovely reddy pink which works fabulous for a daytime look.
Guerlain Grenade Rouge G - A soft raspberry shade with delicate subtle shimmer.
Guerlain Rose Grenat Rouge G (LE) - Similar to Red Balloon and Girl about Town, but stunning pink Rouge G packaging... who could resist!

Illamasqua can be found here, MAC, Guerlain, Chanel, YSL and Givenchy I get from House of Fraser, Debenhams,

So those are the pinks! Click here for Reds Purples, Vamps, Corals and Nudes!


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