Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cosmetic Love Amazon Order: Etude House and It's Skin

So I dipped my toe into ordering Korean Beauty products! I have only been brave enough to try Memebox but thought I would expand to try pick up some cute products I have missed in previous boxes (plus one I could not resist!)

I actually ordered on but they were from the store Cosmetic Love. The products had free shipping from Korea so I was really pleased and another order will definitely be made shortly!

Here's what I got in the box!

I ordered the Etude House Hand Creams and the lip balm, the rest were freebies!
So as you can I got a lot of little freebies which was a nice surprise on such a small order! I got two 'fresh potato masks' and some small BB cream samples too.

Etude House Missing U Hand Creams
These are so adorable, retailing for $6.99 each I could not resist picking the different designs up. There is also a pink dolphin version which was not in stock when I bought, which smells of rose. I bought the Baby Powder Penguin, Peach Panda and Green Tea Seal.

Possibly the cutest handcreams of life.

Its Skin Chocolate Macaron Lipbalm
As a packaging junkie this cute Macaron shaped lipbalm had to join me too! It smells delicious, comparable to Lush Whip Stick and tastes just as lovely. This was $10 but you can find it for around $6-10 on other websites too.

Overall I am really pleased. The items came well packed, were shipped quickly (and for free) and they put in samples! Expect to see another Korean beauty haul when I take the plunge again!



  1. Hi Martha,

    Great blog, it's helping feed my Memebox obsession!

    Can you please post a link to the amazon shop these are from, they look so cute! I can't find the BeautyNetKorea shop on amazon.

    Many thanks


    1. Hahah its actually from a store called Cosmetic Love (I knew it was that but something made me think it was BNK... not sure why, whoops!) I do think the BNK eBay store is a bit better priced actually and that has free shipping too.

      Heres the amazon store anyway: