Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Memebox Special 11 Cacao: Unboxing and Review!

When I saw I had 2 packages on my kitchen table after work I wasn't sure which Memeboxes they were as I have *cough* 5  coming this week! However when I picked it up it was pretty obvious, as the smell of chocolate (real chocolate, not fake synthetic beauty product chocolate!) was overwhelming.

I grabbed this box in a restock so its definitely worth having a stalk every now and again of Memebox if there is an older box you would love to have! This is the second of 3 restocks I have picked up so far, first was Milk and I have Snail 1 on the way too.

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So onto the products, all of which I am pleased with! There is one I probably wouldn't have picked up, but that is the nature of a mystery box, and it may end up being awesome!

So first of all the cards. You get these in each Memebox and they give you all the info you need:

Okay so onto the products in the box. Obviously they all contain cacao, famed for its antioxidant properties, and apparently regarded as Food of the Gods in the ancient world! 

1. Etude House Milk Talk 200ml $7
This smells JUST like chocolate milkshake. If you didn't tell me it was a bath product I would drink it. Absolutely wonderful smelling. I am using it as a bath milk, you do not need much and it bubbles up and smells gorgeous. Seriously like bathing in chocolate milkshake. You only need 15ml for a bath so with a 200ml bottle this is going to last me a while! You can also use it as a body wash but I prefer it as a bubble bath as its quite runny and I feel you might waste product using it as a wash.

2.WonderRuci Cacao Brightening Mask 100g $38
I know I've said this about a hundred times already but this smells DIVINE. Like thick dark chocolate brownie mix. This is a mask you leave on for 15 minutes and it brightens your skin, I could happily leave it on all day it smells so good. Does make me crave chocolate though which might not be good for the waist line but, serious wow on this product.

3. Pure Smile Essence Sheet Mask Chocolate Milk $1

I have used a Pure Smile milk mask before, so I am sure I will love this chocolate milk version just as much as the milk version! This is just your standard Korean sheet mask, lovely to use in the bath and great for the skin. A nice cheap but lovely filler product for the cacao box.

4. Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut and Cacao 130g $18
I am a big fan of cute packaging so this little ice cream van definitely appealed to me! I was a little worried when I noticed the coconut description as I am not a big coconut fan but this definitely leans more on the cocoa side. This is a cream cleanser for your face which feels so smooth and very luxurious. I like using this as a cleanser after my exfoliator or make up remover, or if I feel a little sensitive after my Clarisonic.

5. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate 25g $11
This is my second Pure Smile Lip Scrub as I also got a Chamomile Milk one in the Milk Memebox. I will say this smells much better, and I do like the lip scrubs from Pure Smile. Between these two and my lip scrub in the Scrub Box I won't need a lip scrub again for a while as they are a big sized product!

6. Pure Derm Choco Nose Pore Strips x 6 $6
This was the only product in the box I wasn't fussed about. I will use them but I don't have blackheads on my nose I have sebaceous filaments (like many people!) and these don't really do much for them. Thats more of a personal preference than anything else though. I have yet to use one but I am hoping to see lots of gunk pulled out of my nose which is apparently very satisfying to see :) Although they are still packaged I don't get a strong chocolate scent like other products in this box.

Altogether, you might notice its a black box instead of the usual pink. Memebox seemed
to experiment with different colours back in the day!
As I am sure you can gather I am really pleased with this box. This box was $23 + $7 shipping, but there are always $5 codes you can use to make that a bit cheaper! (I currently have VDQ9 or RDIC3Q)  The retail value of this box is $81. Not the highest by memebox standards but more than worth $23 to me!

Click the button below to see what Memebox currently has in store. They are currently running a promotion for a new CutiePieMarzia box which is coming out tomorrow. This is a 'naked box' in that you can see exactly what will be in it before you buy. These collab boxes always fly out so I will try to put a link up to it when it comes out, but I may be at work!

Click to see the previous CutiePieMarzia box

If you like this Cacao box there is currently a box for sale called the Chocolate Mania which I see as a 'second' edition of this Cacao box. I have ordered it and I hope it is just as good, click below to get your own, and feel free to use one of the $5 off codes too! VDQ9 or RDIC3Q

Chocolate Mania Memebox



  1. I hope I catch this box on a restock! I ordered Chocolate Mania so it would be great if it lived up to this one!

  2. I'm also hoping Chocolate Mania is just as good, surely with chocolate stuff you can't go wrong!