Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Memebox Special 10 Snail 1: Unboxing and Review

Today was a good post day (well a good post week!) I got my Snail 1 restock Memebox yesterday, and today an order from Illamasqua and an order from MAC (was supposed to also get  Charlotte Tilbury order but they had shipping issues, sad face)
This might be a bit deja vu to a few people as this is quite an old box but it was restocked a couple of Fridays ago so I grabbed it!

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So I thought I would start with the Memebox as that is what I got first and I have had chance to use some of the items!

The whole box!
I was really interested in a snail box as snail extracts is definitely the 'in' thing in Western beauty products, and Korea has been using it for years! All of the products in this look fantastic. First up as usual, the cards:

The first thing I noticed is that instead of the 5 products listed on the sheet there are 6, as Memebox has included a bonus sheet mask! Extra bonus freebies are always appreciated!

1. The Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream 50ml $18
I definitely feel like I am ready to start my anti ageing routine at the grand old age of 26! This 100% natural cream feels absolutely divine on the skin, and has a lovely gooey texture, maybe from the snail cream! I will be using this as a night time moisturiser. It smells gorgeous, like everything in the box. A lot of people might be freaked out by the idea of snail products but I think its a fab idea and they all smell lovely, and not like snails... not that I really know what snails smell like!

2. Pure Smile Non Silicon Snail Treatment 250g ($16)
This is one giant bottle of hair conditioner, without silicon and with, of course, snail extracts. It smells beautiful and feels so amazing on the hair. I have very long hair so I was very excited to see its such a giant bottle as I will hopefully get quite a few goes out of this. I have been experimenting with Lush conditioners and have not yet found one that works for me (and its slow going as I insist on buying the giant bottle every time...) Plus the bottle is very cute on my bathroom shelf!

3. Elensilia EGF Renovage Youth Activating Eye Cream 25g $89
Every eye cream I have got so far in my Memebox has been crazily priced, always around $80! This is lovely, soaks in well around the eyes and has a pleasant smell. I have 3 eye creams now from Memebox and I am happy with them all, but not necessarily enough to pay $86 for them! But I am happy with each of the ones I have and I am stocked up on eye cream for the foreseeable future now!

4. DKDN Snail Recovery Intensive Serum 30ml $33
So there are lots of steps in Korean beauty, this is the guide I found which I am currently using:
Cleansing oil, facial foam wash, toner, essence, ampoule, serum, eye cream, emulsion, moisturiser and/or sleeping pack, spot treatment (if needed) I don't actually have any essences or ampoules at the moment so I go straight from toner to serum, so this is a welcome addition to my routine. This is a very thick serum compared to my other one from Naked24, but it feels SO hydrating, it feels like it would just sink in and fix everything on your face! This uses the natural healing powers of snail slime to nourish and moisturise.

5. PureDerm Age Regenerating Multi Step Treatment
Age Regen Ampoule and Snail Mask $4
So this is a little different to the usual Korean sheet mask in that it has a separate tear off bit at the top (the green part) which contains an essence. You use the ampoule first and then put the sheet mask on. Aside from the terrifying packaging I am excited to try this!

Bonus freebie sheet mask!

So that is all that I got in my snail box. Whilst I have had a couple of snail slime products in previous boxes this is my first box full! I am anxiously stalking a Snail 2 restock (I also got this box in a restock) and hope they do a Snail 3!
This box was $32 + shipping but has a value of $160 (not including the freebie mask) and I am more than happy with it!

Its nearly the end of the month so new codes will be out soon but for now the same ones will be working: RDIC3Q or VDQ9 for $5 off!

Due to the fact you 'buy ahead of time' with Memebox this Snail Box 1 is sold out. However, restocks do happen (Thats how I got this!) and they have a lot of boxes to choose from right now! Click the banner below to check out their current selection.

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