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Memebox Special 35 Moisture Surge: Unboxing and Review

So today I got two Memeboxes in the mail, after 2 weeks without one those pink parcels on the table were a welcome sight!

I got Moisture Surge and Cacao, Cacao review coming up shortly. I am really impressed with both boxes as they are full of items I will enjoy using, not use for the sake of using!

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Full unboxing and review of products after the jump!
So first up here are the cards for Moisture Surge Special 35. There are 6 full size products in this box:

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Okay so onto the products!

1. insobeau Hiaromax Vitamin Stick 10g $29

So this looks like a giant sized lipblam, and is for spot treating of dry areas on your face. It smells exactly like Vicks Vapour rub to me, not unappealing but not overly lovely either. I applied this in between my eyebrows where I often get dry flakey skin and it felt quite nice. This claims to moisturise to contours of your face for a brighter and suppler complexion. You can apparently use it before or after make up application; I personally would not use this after make up application as I think it would ruin it...
Overall I love moisturising products, which is why I bought this box, so I like this item. I just wish the smell was more pleasing!

2. Wish Formula Premium Ampoule Mask $14
I am always happy to receive masks in my Memeboxes, and this is no exception. However, at $14 for a one use mask this better be the best sheet mask that has ever walked the earth! This is used as a normal sheet mask and the description boasts anti wrinkle properties. A few of the products in this box mention anti ageing properties, and perhaps that is simply an offshoot of the fact it is a moisturising box. I am always happy to take anti ageing products (even at 26!) but some of these products seem a little more fitted to the Anti Ageing Boxes that Memebox also sells.

Lovely packaging, like a little gift set.
3. original raw Deluxe Kit 3 x 30ml, Black Bubble, Chan Mool Patting Essence and Water Block Black Jam $60
 This is listed as a full size item but I think it would be more accurately described as a full size kit of 'travel size versions' of the products. However at 30ml each they are not small sizes so I am more than happy with them! They come in a nicely packaged box, which is always nice! I shall go through them one by one as the descriptions are lengthy!

1. Black Bubble: This is a bubbling cleanser which works absolutely wonderfully. I used it with my Clarisonic which led to quite a lot of bubbles... but my face felt lovely afterwards. The smell is pleasant, not amazing but perfectly acceptable.  It is black as the name suggests but washes off well and does not stain.

2. Chan Mool Patting Essence: 'Tangly and jelly like' how can it possibly go wrong! I have not used a patting essence before but you use it like a toner and pat it in. This smells lovely and refreshing.

3. Water Block Black Jam: I was sold at black jam. These are designed to be used in conjunction with each other so I am going to be doing that in future. This is the 'moisturiser' to go with the cleanser and toner. It soaks in well and gives the skin a lovely luminous finish so could be used as a day or night time moisturiser. It isn't heavy enough for my night time desires but as a day moisturiser it will fit right in!

4. RoseMoon Rich 53% Collagen Smart Balm 50ml $47
This is a really lovely night time moisturiser. It has a balm type consistency and is very heavy, so no good for daytime but for night time I really like it. Again the smell of this is neither unpleasant nor pleasant, its just your standard 'moisturiser' smell. However it feels and applies really well, and this is a good sized tube! Really pleased with this!

5. imface Vio-Xellose Neck Patch $5

This is another one of those 'anti ageing' skewed products. This is a neck mask which you apply to your neck as you would a face mask. This has lots of lovely ingredients such as coconut jelly extract, special Botanical Wrinkle complex extracts (but of course) and is paraben free. I don't really feel my neck is looking that in need but I will give it a try, why not!?

6. Dermahouse Aloe Vera Moisture Mist 120ml $14
Final product from this box is a refreshing and hydrating Moisture Mist. It smells really lovely, fresh, clean, gorgeous. This wasn't a product I was excited about but I can see me using it when I get in from work for a quick boost of refreshment and hydration.

Overall I am super pleased with this box. It has a great range of products, and all of them I will use. I am thinking I will stick to these 'themed' Memeboxes as the ones I have recieved so far have really impressed me, especially for the price point. This box was $23 + $7 shipping (but you can always use a code for $5 off, I currently have VDQ9 or RDIC3Q) and the value is $169. Its certainly worth $23 to me!

Click the button below to see what Memebox currently has in store. They are currently running a promotion for a new CutiePieMarzia box which is coming out tomorrow. This is a 'naked box' in that you can see exactly what will be in it before you buy. These collab boxes always fly out so I will try to put a link up to it when it comes out, but I may be at work!

Here is a link to her last box anyway. It was pretty cute. I do wish Memebox had maybe chosen someone else to have a turn though, as this is the 4th collab and 2nd one with Marzia. I'm sure there are lots of youtubers/bloggers out there who could put together a great box.

Click to see the previous collab box

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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