Saturday, 27 September 2014

Memebox Naked 24 All-In-One: Unboxing and Review!

Another two Memeboxes in the mail today. Naked 24 and Honey - Honey review will be up shortly!

This is my 7th Memebox to date and I am again really pleased with all the items.

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Please click below to go to a full unboxing and review of the Memebox Naked 24!

Okay so boring stuff out of the way first! Lots of people have had concerns about the new shipping method Memebox is using. I did not have to sign for these boxes, but considering Naked24 shipped on the 11th, and Honey shipped on the 19th the fact they came on the same day is a little strange, but I can see Memebox shipped them on time so any shipping oddities are out of Memeboxes control.

Naked Boxes are very different to your usual Memebox as they are fully unboxed from Day1. Whilst Memebox does sometimes unbox full boxes randomly (like TonyMoly and Holika Holika) they usually just post 1 or 2 spoiler pics of items that are included, but when you first buy you buy 'blind' Not so with the Naked Box. 

For that reason it does not come with a card as all of the information can be found on the initial Memebox sale page.

Everything in the box!
There were 3 SharaShara Lemon masks but one had a very very small hole and leaked all over the box (hence why the items are not in the boxes!) Nothing is damaged though, it was just a bit inconvenient!

As this has no card I am going to copy the Memebox description onto here, both for my own records (for quick reference and in case the Memebox page ever disappears) and for anyone who is interested!

DEWYTREE Real Collagen Nutrition Serum 50ml ($39) Full-sized Product
Dewytree’s popular Real Collagen Nutrition Serum is infused with high concentrates of collagen and treats enlarged pores, sagging skin, and other signs of aging with its highly moist and nutritious formula. It expedites the skin’s regeneration and renewal cycle for the look of more youthful and luminous skin. 

This is a lovely little product. It comes in a cute tub with a pump dispenser which is hygienic (though I prefer jars so I can scrape out every last drop!). It smells delicious; I am rubbish at describing smells but its fruity and lovely. I do not currently have any Korean serums so I am really happy with this as my first. It soaks into the skin wonderfully leaving a slight dewey sheen.

IOPE Essential Tone & Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 25ml ($86) Full-sized Product
Enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, this moisturizing eye cream will fill the lines between wrinkles around the eye area and creates a protective moisture layer to prevent further sagging and wrinkle formation.

Okay so this is an $86 eye cream in a $23 Memebox, how could I say no? Again this has a lovely scent, not offputting in any way and it absorbs nicely under the eyes. I will never say no to eye creams so this is a welcome addition to my skincare regime.

THE SKIN HOUSE Face Calming Galactomyces Cream 30ml ($19) Full-sized Product
Containing galactomyces fermented extracts and other active ingredients, this facial cream soothes and replenishes skin stressed from external stimulus for a healthier, more youthful complexion. 

So the first thing I did was google 'galactomyces' to see what all the fuss was about! They appear to be a type of funghi which is very moisturising and nice for the skin. It also says 'face calming' so I am hoping this will be great for winter and those wind beaten days! Again the scent of this is your general mosturiser smell, its nice, (I am full of cold right now so my usually terrible scent descriptions are even worse!)

 INSOBEAU Perfect Deep Clean One-Step Cleansing Water 200ml ($22) Full-sized Product
There’s no need for double cleansing with this smart One-Step Cleansing Water from insobeau. Its gentle formula, made from natural derivatives, works to quickly and easily deep cleanse all makeup and skin impurities in one step. Plus, it functions as a moisturizing toner as well, protecting, soothing and brightening the skin all in one. 

This definitely fits the 'all in one' description of this Naked24 box. It claims to take the place of 'double cleansing' which is using an oil cleanser and then a foam cleanser. I feel a bit silly as this is also going  to be in the Memebox Pinkaholic Box (which I have not purchased) but I was really interested by the spoiler... forgetting it was coming in this Naked box! Woops! I have a rose toner from Lush and to my nose this smells very similar, smells lovely! As it is also a toner you do not need to wash this off your face so this would be a nice travel product or a 'slept in' product!

SHARA SHARA Real Sauce Lemon Mask 20g X 3ea ($4) Full-sized Product
Packed with vitamin-rich lemon extracts, the Real Sauce Lemon Mask works to balance out the moisture and oil balance, brighten up, and rejuvenate dull, darkened complexions. 

I did get three of these but as I mentioned above one leaked a little so I only have 2! These really do smell of lemon and my face feels VERY soft after using one. You do often get a mask in a Memebox but to get three is a nice touch!

Last but not least!

HELLO EVERYBODY Nature Holic Hand Cream Grapefruit 50ml ($12) Full-sized Product
This super-creamy grapefruit hand cream penetrates the skin quickly to protect, moisturize and replenish dry skin and nails. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, Indian Gooseberry and grapefruit extracts, this cream will nourish skin and nails to its finest. Citrusy Mandarin Orange and Grapefruit top notes will keep your hands and nails feeling fresh all day!

Okay I think my nose is fine as this REALLY has a strong grapefruit scent! I am always happy to get hand creams as the skin around my nails is a bit rubbishy as I recently stopped biting it (grim) I am currently using my Hello Everybody goat milk body lotion and that is lovely so I am pleased to have more from this brand.

So that is everything! Naturally I am happy with the things I got as I knew what I was getting before I purchased it :D Its nearly the end of the month so new codes will be out soon but for now the same ones will be working: RDIC3Q or VDQ9 for $5 off!

If you are interested in any of the products please check out Memebox, and click below for a link to the Pinkaholic box which contains the pink cleansing water.

Pinkaholic box!


  1. You chose really well, this was a great box. Normally the Nakedboxes don't appeal to me at all but this looks like the best one so far.

  2. They really put some great products in this one! I am definitely pleased with the selection x