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Memebox Superbox 53 My Honey Box: Unboxing and Review!

The second of my Memeboxes today! I was really excited about this after seeing some other unboxings and I was not disappointed, its even better in real life! I love that it has products for lots of different bits of the body! As this was a memebox 'SuperBox' all products were full size!

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Okay so here is what greeted me as I opened the box:

Everything looks really pretty! Shallow, I know!
All of the products look inviting, the packaging is all super cute with pictures of bees and honeycombs, as would be expected in a Honey Box!

Onto the cards:
As always the cards are your guide!

Okay so products:

1. Migabee Antipollution RE-peeling 100ml ($37)
This is a face mask which dries to a 'peel off' consistency. I haven't ever tried a 'peel off' mask before so I am really intrigued by this! The smell isn't my favourite in the box, I do not get much of the honey smell like I do with most of the products in this box. In fact it smells quite alcoholic to me! The smell doesn't last while it is on your face though so thats a plus. It never dried down to a 'peel off' consistency on my in the bath... maybe there was too much moisture in the air or I was too hot? I will keep trying! However, it is enriched with bee venom, honey and royal jelly so all things which should be good for calming the skin and keeping it clean.

2. Mi Click Manuka Honey Hair Treatment 30ml $5
Okay so lets first address the Manuka Honey. I am aware of the health benefits of Manuka Honey and its marvellous properties when eaten. However, when looking at articles released earlier this year which show that more Manuka Honey is eaten in a year in the UK alone than is produced full stop that year, it makes you wonder how much genuine Manuka Honey is making its way into beauty products... especially a hair treatment priced at only $5.
However, I love a good hair treatment and as long as this does the trick I don't mind what miniscule amounts of 'Manuka' Honey went into it! It sure smells like honey. Its quite a small tube for a hair treatment and with my hair being thick and waist length I don't see me getting much more than one/two treatment out of this tube. My hair felt smooth and conditioned after use so I am pleased with its effects, but it wont last long!

3. Enesti Apple & Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream 50g $5
Okay out of everything in this box this wins the prize for scent. It says honey and apple but the picture looks like a toffee apple to me and it sure smells like a toffee apple. Delicious. I'll be sad when this runs out. A lovely hand cream, with a delicious scent, cannot go wrong!

4. From Nature Multi Effect Collagen Honey Mask $1
I have come to expect a sheet mask in my Memeboxes, so of course the Honey box comes with a lovely looking honey sheet mask. This is apparently packed with honey and collagen to restore elasticity to the skin.

5. EDMONG Honeybee Water Cream 50ml $29
Sure looks and smells like honey!
So this 'water cream' lives up to its name. Whilst it is goopy and thick in the pot (very much like honey!) once on the skin it is much more 'watery' and soaks in wonderfully. The smell is lovely, again, smells like honey! I am always happy to get facial moisturisers and this will happily fit into my stash!
It says you can use this as an overnight sleeping pack too so this is definitely something I will try it with! On the subject of sleeping packs...

6. Daycell Essential Honey Lift Massage Cream 150ml $20
Another sleeping pack! Not complaining, I love them. It smells lovely and is much thicker than the water cream so great for winter. It claims to have a unique honey like gooey texture. Not really getting that, it just seems like a lovely thick moisturiser to me where the watery cream does have that 'honey texture' in the pot.

7. Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Honey 10g
I put this on as soon as I got the box this morning and my lips are feeling lovely at 9pm! I love lip treatments, I am obsessed with the Bite Beauty Agave mask from Sephora! Luckily I do not suffer with dry chapped lips (probably because I use so many lip treatments!) but this is certainly one I will be using. Its very thick and sticky so I would use it as recommended as an overnight intense lip treatment. It smells and tastes of honey, which is great as you don't want something horrible tasting on your mouth... Plus the packaging is cute!

So thats the lot! I am really pleased with and will use every product in this box. All of them are full size, and because of it being a SuperBox of full sized products it is $6 more than your typical Memebox at $29 + shipping, but I think its worth every penny. 

Its nearly the end of the month so new codes will be out soon but for now the same ones will be working: RDIC3Q or VDQ9 for $5 off!

Due to the fact you 'buy ahead of time' with Memebox this Honey Box 2 is sold out. However, restocks do happen (I've picked up a couple this week myself!) and they have a lot of boxes to choose from right now! Click the banner below to check out their current selection.

Thanks for reading!

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