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Memebox Review: Coffee Break with Dani x Memebox!

Finally my first Memebox!

It took a little over a week to get to me here in the UK, which I don't think is bad at all with us having a bank holiday and 2 weekends inbetween the shipping date and today!
Beautiful mint green box! Usually Memebox is pink, but collaboration boxes are a little different!
This box was a collaboration box with Coffee Break with Dani, a super sweet beauty blogger on YouTube, so it was a little bit different to a usual Memebox Usually when you buy a Memebox you have an idea of what you will get through either the theme or little hints from Memebox, but no actual products. With this box you knew exactly what you were getting!

Super cute coral colour, plus the cards you need!
Absolutely jam packed box!

So onto the products! With each Memebox you get a information card (2 with this one!) which explains to you what the products are. As this is a Korean beauty service the products are in Korean, so will not be comprehendible to everyone. The card is your lifeline!

1. Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist 100ml ($22) (I tried to insert pictures with the cards and the products, think I will do them separately next time, we live and learn!)
This apparently helps sooth and treat skin troubles and blemishes. It smells of lavender which is lovely. It looks like a gel in the bottle but sprays like a liquid. Its very refreshing and nice to spray on the face after the gym or in the hot weather (a bit late for me in the UK!)

2. Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Tea Mask 30g $3

I have never tried a sheet mask before, only liquid masks so I am interested to try this!

3. Goden Glove Exfoliating Glove 1 pair $22
This was the only product that I was a bit 'meh' about. I like to keep my beauty products all pretty and nice in my bathroom or bedroom. I'm not sure where I will keep a pair of soggy exfoliating gloves! I did use them earlier in the shower and whilst they were fine on my legs I found them a little rough elsewhere, so will keep them for leg use

4. Miguhara BP Cream 30ml $37
This was something I was very excited about. It is a pore perfecting primer and a BB cream in one. It says 'it keeps skin silky and even toned, while controlling excessive sebum through its oil free formula' Dani said this was comparable to the Porefessional my Benefit, and I LOVE the Porefessional. Having tried it I can definitely see the comparisons, it is soft and silky and leaves the skin with a very similar feeling to the Porefessional. I feel it is better as a pore perfecting primer than a BB cream personally, and although I do enjoy it I don't feel I would replace my Porefessional with this. However, considering this whole box cost less than one tube of the Porefessional I cannot really complain, and will definitely use it up!

5. Nuganic Customized Sunblock SPF50 PA+++ 40ml $45
As a very pale girl I always love a good high SPF sunblock. Again it may have come slightly too late for me as the Summer and sun seems long gone on this gloomy day, but I do wear suncream every day and will definitely try this one out. It claims to have brightening and anti wrinkle properties too, and that it firms up the skin with only a single application. I am not quite sure what it means by 'customized'...

6. Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF30 PA++ 4.5ml (Full size 35ml $54)
This is the only sample sized product in this box as naturally BB colours come in shades, and Dani mentioned she did not want to put in a full size product which might not work for many of her viewers who will of course come in all different skin tones and colours. However, being very pale this Korean BB cream is a perfect colour for me so I am excited to use this!

7. Chamos Acaci Snail Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 30ml ($19)
There is a lot of snail extract used in Korean beauty products, and a lot of people turn their noses up at that! I am not sure why, no doubt there are far worse things that go into skin care than a natural secretion like that. Plus snails are cute, no? This product claims to be great for your under eye circles and any fine lines that may be forming there, and also offers UV protection. It keeps harmful things out, and good things like moisture in. Win win! It smells nice and is quite thick so a little will go a long way.

8. Kocostar Nail Therapy 4g $17
This is a nail mask and set of gloves to help promote healthy nails. The gloves allow the cream to work its magic, resulting in softened cuticles and strengthened nails.

It doesn't feel to me like there are gloves in here. The instructions on the packaging say 'peel open each pack and put on mask on each finger' so maybe they are individual finger gloves? I was quite excited to actually get some gloves to keep the hand cream on with, but anything that will help my nails is much appreciated, as one of my index finger nails seems to always split into two layers and snap. None of my other fingernails do but this one is terrible. I have just done my nail polish but I am getting a new Illamasqua Once Melange polish soon so when I get that I will take it off and leave this one before putting on my new polish and see what it does!

The entirety of the box contents.

Overall I am pretty pleased. This box retailed for $23 + $6.99 shipping so overall cost $29.99. The values of the products in this box add up to $165 (not including the BB sample) so you really cannot say fairer than that!

This box is sadly sold out but there are lots and lots of different Memeboxes available currently! I will hopefully have more Memeboxes to review soon! If you have any questions about anything Memebox related (or anything at all) feel free to ask!


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