Monday, 8 September 2014

Memebox 30 Tea Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

The second box of my delivery today was the tea cosmetics box from Memebox. This was a box I got only because it was in a bundle with the scrub box and otherwise the scrub box was sold out but I am really pleased I got this box! It contains 4 full size items and a 'sample set' of items. Full review after the jump.

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This was another heavy box jam packed with items.

I love a full box of goodies!
Okay first up!
1. e choice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack 70g $2
I am surprised at this only being listed for $2 as this is a big tube! I have never tried a sleeping mask before, I believe you put it on like a moisturiser then sleep in it and wash it off in the morning, so I will be trying this tonight! It goes on clear so won't stain your bedding and a little goes a long way so I see this tube lasting a long time!

2. A;T Fox Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet 4g $2
A few people were disappointed at the inclusion of this item as it has been in 4 (?) previous Memeboxes. As a relative newcomer to Memebox I have not tried this before and it seemed a fitting item to go into a tea cosmetic box! The tablet creates the perfect ph of 4.9 for your skin, so you dip the tea bag into a bowl of warm water then pat the water into your skin.

3. A;T Fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water 100ml $10
If cute fox packaging is your thing you won't be disappointed! plus who can dislike a product called Gyoolpy Tea! This is a very citrusy facial mist which is very refreshing. It says you can use this as a spritz, a toner or a 'make up fixer' before and after make up application. It did work quite nicely to remove eyeshadow swatches off my arm so maybe this would work well as a make up remover?

4. The Skin House Lavender Lightening Emulsion 120ml $4o
As you would expect from the $40 price tag this is a HUGE bottle of facial emulsion. Emulsion is a light moisturiser which can be used instead of, or with your usual night time moisturiser. It has a more watery texture than usual moisturisers but feels nice and absorbs quickly on your face. This claims to deliver deep nutrition and brighten up the skin tone.

6. A-True Miniature Set + Black Tea Bag

I am going to rely on the card for this as there are lots of products within this little tin!

1. Sweet Song Black Tea Cleansing Water 20ml. This is a make up remover made from black tea!

2. Vanilla Black Tea Day Relief Body Wash 20ml. This is a vanilla and black tea shower gel/body was that lathers.

3. Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream 15g - A moisturiser for dry skin.

4. White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence 20ml - 'White Tea' is a special tea blended from snow buds which are considered extremely precious since it can only be cultivated once or twice a year and carries the energy and nutrition of young baby sprouts.' - Well thats adorable and don't I feel special! This is an essence which you pat into your skin after your usual toner.

5. Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream SPF 50+PA+++ 10g - A skin soothing and moisturising sun cream, always appreciate a good sunscreen and Korean ones always have a lovely high SPF!

So that is all for my tea box! I think this has a great mix of products for someone new to Korean skin care, especially the emulsion, sleeping mask and the selection of A-True deluxe samples!

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