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Memebox Special 7 Milk: Unboxing and Review

This was a box I had fawned over for a little while, as it is an older box that is sold out. However, last week it was restocked so I grabbed one (and also grabbed a Cacao Box restock this morning) So even if the box you love is out of stock keep checking on Memebox as it may come back in stock!

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So today I got the number 7 Special Milk theme, and I love absolutely everything in it! I knew what was coming in this box from previous unboxings and I was not disappointed. The smell of vanilla milkshake as you open the box is wonderful!

As you will know due to the fact all of the products are Korean Memebox includes a 'cheat sheet' card that tells you what the products are and how you use them. Here are the Milk Box cards.
Nice and big so you can read hopefully!
These cards are a life saver - hold onto them at all costs!
So now to the products themselves. The box was super heavy and they were really packed in there with very little filler paper! I love Memeboxes packaging of a sturdy bright pink box to keep the items in and a pink bubble mailer. It always feels like you're getting a present in the mail, beautifully gift wrapped!

Box of milky loveliness :)

Okay so as usual I will go through the products as they appear on the card!

1. Hello Everybody Bubble Bath Steam Milk 25g $4
I love bubble baths and this smells absolutely amazing, a milky vanilla gentle scent. It isn't quite clear from the card but looking at the size and the packaging this is only a one use product. It says there will be 'abundant' steam bubbles! Lets hope so!

2. Hello Everybody NatureHolic Body Lotion Milk 300ml $25
Another Hello Everybody product. This is made from organic goat milk which is gentle, moisturising and fast absorbing. I can definitely vouch for the fast absorbing factor! Whilst messing with the packaging I squirted some of it on my hands and so rubbed it on my legs and it has absorbed wonderfully. My hands also smell lovely, not of milk, just a soft body lotion scent that I can't put my finger on, but it is pleasant. It is a great size bottle too which will last a while. This would be great for after a morning shower if you want a light moisturiser that won't leave you too sticky to dress for half an hour!

3. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub 25g $11
This product was a choice between two, either chamomile milk or peach milk. I got chamomile as you can see in the picture! To be honest it doesn't really smell of anything to me, or taste, but maybe if I had another to compare I would smell the difference. I believe there is another of these in the Cacao box that will be with my probably next week, so I will compare scents then! I love Lush lip scrubs, but these say you should wash them off after you use them. I'm not sure how bad it would be for you to leave it on your lips but I just rub it into my lips, then off and put on a lip balm. My lips do feel very soft after using it, but I use about a million lip products to keep my lips nice as I love lipstick!

4. Pure Smile Milk Mask $1
A sheet mask rich in milk protein nutrients. You just use this as any typical sheet mask, by laying it over your face. I hope it smells as good out of the packet as the packet does!

This was the item I was most excited for! 
5. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk and Argan Oil Multi Steam Scream 100g $34
How cute is that tin! Okay so here is the Memebox card description: 100% organic argan oil and natural donkey milk, known to be more nutritious than milk (I assume cow?) and goats milk and most similar to Mother's breast milk! It claims to offer deep intense hydration and nutrition deep into your skin.
 This smells gorgeous and is such a wonderfully thick cream. Definitely my new go to night cream!
6. Enesti Rice and Milk Foaming Cleanser 120ml $15

I love using foaming cleansers with my Clarisonic Mia 2, so I was really pleased to get this! It is super thick and creamy, with a thicker lather than most Western foaming cleansers. Its gorgeous and smells delicious!

7. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk $1
The great thing about Memebox is the chance to try things I would never have even come across in the UK. This is a lip mask which you apply over you lips like a patch and leave it on for 15-30 minutes. It will leave your lips juicy and smooth! I am sadly awaiting a parcel from Boden and don't want to open the door to the postman in this, but as soon as I get that it is going on!

Everything together!
Overall I am chuffed to bits with this box. I love everything, it all smells amazing and there is nothing I will not use. If Memebox ever do another Milk box I will buy it in a heartbeat based on the items in this box. This cost $23 + $6.99 shipping, so roughly $30, around £18. The retail value of this box is $91. All the products are full size, but obviously the lip, face mask and bubble bath are one use items.

If you love the idea of Milk themed products you could try the Yoghurt box which I am hoping will have similar dairy sweet smelling creamy goodness in, and is still available at the Memebox shop. If you have not used these types of codes already in August (no new September codes yet) you can use one of these codes for $5 off any purchase, plus new accounts get $2 in memepoints (store credit). 

4 digit $5 off T875
6 digit $5 off FPHG88

Each account can use one 4 digit and one 6 digit code per month. Memebox are currently offering discounted shipping on 2 or 3 box orders, $7 off if you use CHEAPSHIP2 for 2 boxes, and CHEAPSHIP3 for $14 off if you buy 3 boxes.
Still available for $23!
Hope you find something you like!

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