Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Burberry Lip Velvet: Bright Poppy and Pink Azalea

Clearly looking at my lipstick collection, I don't have enough and need more...

So this happened.

Worth it for the bag!
I bought 2 lipsticks from Burberry, and you cannot take it away from them, considering it was a comparatively titchy order the packaging is stunning and was shipped for free, next day delivery.
So I got two lipstick, Lip Velvet Bright Poppy and Lip Velvet Pink Azalea

More luxurious packaging

Bright Poppy Lip Velvet

This goes on a stunning deep reddish pink on the lips. Comparable to MAC Rebel but not an exact dupe. Absolutely gorgeous. As a lip velvet it is a matte finish.

Pink Azalea Lip Velvet
A lovely deep pink! They swatch quite similar on the skin but they are quite different on the lips with Pink Azalea a much bright, less deep pink. (I need to learn to do better lip swatches)

The actual lipstick packaging itself is matte with the Burberry plain pattern embossed on it, and that plaid is also embossed on the bullet itself. The packaging and attention to detail is stunning. They have a magnet which closes the cap on, but it only fits on way so will swivel the cap around if you haven't got the magnets lined up which can be a bit annoying. The magnets also seem to repel each other, so one of my lipstick was propelled across the room when taking this next photo, causing me a minor heart attack. Luckily it was mostly unscathed!

Bright Poppy - Pink Azalea

These lipsticks retail for £22.50 and I will 100% be buying some more. Yes they are a bit more expensive than a typical lipstick, but for that you get the little details on the lipstick, the plain packaging, the stunning postage packaging. They are also a gorgeous colour and a fabulous formula! I see it as a small price to pay on top of your typical MAC lipstick for those details.

Next stop Rose Pink, Military Red and Bright Plum Lip Cover!

I purchased these with my own money from Burberry.


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