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Memebox Special 71 Wish Upon A Mask: Unboxing and Review!

Another mask box! The only exception to my (often broken) food themed box only rule! I love masks as they always get used up, there is always a great excuse to use a mask.

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This is the 7th Mask Box I believe, I also got Mask 5 and Mask 6 previously! I don't thinkt hose were as good as this one though!

This box contains six products, five full sized and one sample size. 

The contents in all their glory!
There were also a couple of products which were a choice of various options and I am happy with the options that I got which is always nice!

Here are the cards:

This box is sadly currently sold out but it did restock recently and may well do again! Here are the contents to help you decide if you want to grab it if it does come back!

1. Banila Co Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 12g $2
So this is the only sample sized product in the box. It is 12g and the full size of 100ml retails for $17. I am pretty pleased to get a sample of this as the full size came in the Banila Co superbox which I did not get. People have very mixed opinions on this, some love it and some hate it so a sample size is ideal! A lot of people considered it one of the main reasons to get the Banila Co Memebox though so I am hoping it works for me. It smells like a typical mud mask and I really like the packaging. I wonder if this will show up in the upcoming Cleopatra box which I should get on Thursday this week!

This mask has dead sea salt and is a detoxifying mask. You apply it to a clean face for ten minutes then rinse off, whilst massaging your fingers into your skin to help exfoliate. It detoifies pores and hydrates and nourishes. Ticks all the boxes. I know dead sea salt is used extensively in cosmetics for its healing and exfoliating properties so I am excited about this! Its not too expensive for the full size either so if I do love it it won't break the bank!

2. AHC Real Aqua Velvet Sleeping Pack 80ml $30
AHC is a brand that is popping up in a lot of boxes recently, with their serums appearing in Next Best Thing in Skincare and Brighten and Correct which I will be blogging as soon as I can! I love sleeping packs and anything with the word 'velvet' in makes me assume it will be amazing! It feels gorgeous on the skin and not as heavy as many sleeping packs, and it also absorbs quickly so I don't worry about it all coming off on my pillow and doing no good to my skin! The smell is also pleasant. It contains snail extract, ice plant extracts and has brightening properties. Hopefully more AHC products will show up as they have all been really fabulous so far!

3. Shara Shara Real Sauce Mung Bean Mask x 2 $2
I will never complain about getting sheet masks despite having a decent stash already. Do I need more? No. Will I get more? Yes. I got some of these masks in Lemon in my Naked 24 box and really enjoyed the so I am happy to have two more in a different variety. Mung beans are used for detoxifying and clarifying and will brighten up dull skin!

4. To The Nature Black Rice Hydropgel Eye Patch x 5 $9
I have really been enjoying (and buying more...) hydrogel face masks recently so a hydrogel eye patch was very exciting to see, despite it not necessarily being the most exciting product! These are made with organic rice extracts, organic bran, gold extracts (gold must be abundant in Korea they chuck it in so many cosmetics!) and collagen amongst other things. I do get a slight crease under my eye if I don't keep the area hydrated so these are a happy addition to my 'stop the eye crease' stash of eye creams! You can also use these on smile lines, which I don't have as I never smile.

5. PureDerm Yoghut Wash Off Pack 15 $7
These are 15 individual sachets of a wash off yogurt pack. There was a choice between kiwi and strawberry and as you can see I got strawberry. Im 99% sure this is a sachet form of a yogurt pack I received in the Yoghurt Memebox. I do prefer strawberry to lime though so I don't mind the almost repeat. The sachet form makes them more handy to travel or to keep in a gym bag if I felt so inclined! I really enjoy this softening mask as its an extra boost of moisture and softness when needed. The kiwi one controls excess dead skin cells whereas the strawberry it so control excess sebum and oil. You out this on for 5-10 minutes, massage in then rinse your face.

6. Inoface Modelling Cup Pack $4
Again this was a choice product, from propolis, chlorella, black food, yogurt, acerola and peppermint. I got propolis, and would have been happy with any of them really! I have used these yogurt packs before from Ettang and they are a gloopy messy mask but they feel really lovely. I don't tend to follow the usage instructions as I feel it makes far too much. I split my cup in half and mix with water, and it then dries so you can peel it off. The propolis is designed to make skin moist and dewy which sounds idea for winter.

The others options are: Black food to take care of excess sebum and reduce pore size appearance, yogurt to remove dead skin cells and even out skintone, acerola rejuvenates the skin, peppermint soothers dry skin and helps troubled skin, chlorella restores the skins natural balance! All sounds lovely.

Overall I love this box. The value isn't at only $54 but I only paid $23 for this box and would have purchased all of the things that are included. Masks tend to be cheap anyway so a massively high value isn't expected for me. I highly recommend it! If you wish to buy your own Memebox the picture below will take you there and allow you access to affiliate discounts. RQ6V9A will get you $5 off a $30+ spend! Enjoy!

Martha x

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