Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Memebox Special 64 Green Food Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

Another food box from Memebox! Anyone who knows me well (so Kitty and a select few other lovely ladies) know I try to stick to food themed boxes. I don't always succeed, but I do try!

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From the marvellously green inviting photo I expected to be hit with a green overload as I opened the box.  I was not...

I was initially disappointed in all honesty, but that seems to be a trend and I end up liking the box! I wouldn't say I love this box but it has merits, mostly on one product!

Barely a green bean or  sprig of broccoli in sight! i was expecting everything to be green, maybe a broccoli toner or a green food sheet mask. It was awash with white!

So after I manned up and stopped moaning I actually looked to see what was in the box and the first product was the standout to me.

1. Primary Raw Do You Original Soy Milk Facial Cream 100g $40
Okay you win Memebox. Make me eat my words. This is a soy bean (green food: check) facial milk. Anything with milk in the title and I am sold (you better not fail me Cleopatra box!) Kitty really enjoys this cream so I hope I like it as I would hate to give it to her.  I'll be honest, any product that comes in a glass jar with paper, string and a canvas bag can stay even if it burns my face off. Luckily it is gorgeous, very matte and dries down well even after serum application so it is ideal for day time use!

Plus canvas bag.

Product 2. My shampoo nemesis

2. Solucion 9 Aztec Therapy Shampoo 250ml $68
Looking at the prices of shampoo in Memebox I am surprised anyone in Korea can afford to wash their hair. I've never had a bottle worth less than "$50". This bottle came with a spare pump which was a nice extra I suppose as it would be fairly cumbersome to decant it from the screw top. My last shampoo from the Rapunzel box made my hair pretty greasy so I don't use it. I will try this but I always go back to Lush shampoo that I have used for years and its a lot less than $68!. It says not to mix this with other shampoo or use directly after other shampoo... why? That's a bit scary...  Oh and I can't find a green food in the ingredients given on the card. Nettle does not count!

3. Derma-B Fresh Moisture Body Lotion 50ml $2.50
Sorry for the rubbish photo. I think my camera gave up on focussing as much as Memebox gave up on putting green food items into this box. This is worth $2.50 ish, as it is  50ml 'sample' as the full size of 400ml retails for $19. Again this has no green food. Green food seems to have been taken as 'herbal' where really I was wanting broccoli, soy, asparagus, avocado, pea, apple. You know, green foods... I will use this on my legs and thats about it for you!

4. Willspa Touch Aroma Therapy Roll-On Oil 12ml $18
Oh this was apparently a choice item, I din't realise. It was between Breathe Easy and Chill Out. I got Chill Out which I probably need right now. I am not overly happy with this item as I see aromatherapy roll ons as a health and wellbeing product rather than a cosmetic item, and again it has no green food in it. Lots of herbs, but no green food. An okay product that I will use, but not a green food nor in my eyes, a cosmetic.

5. Tosowoong Aloe Whitening Essence 60ml $16
Again, sorry for the blurry picture. I had set my camera up to focus on green foods, and well there isn't any so it didn't work. True story. So yeah this is an aloe essence. Perfectly fine and useable. A nice product even, but its not green food. They have broccoli essences and toners. Why not chuck those in? They have avocado oil for face, body and hair, why not put that in. Stuff that actually does have green foods! 

I really feel this box missed out a tonne of awesome opportunity to put in some great green food products. The picture showed kale (I think...) apple and peas, and none of those showed up in the box. Just aloe, nettle, rosemary, peppermint, bergamot. All green, but much more suited to a herbal box. I don't class herbs as food Memebox. Stop trying to be sneaky.

The only redeeming feature of this box is the Do You Soy Milk Cream, and for that reason only it is worth my $29+$7 shipping, but even that is pushing it. The Memebox value is stated at $144.50 with half of that being the shampoo which I find a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, onwards and upwards! The Memedrought is over finally, with two Christmas boxes just released! Use RQ6V9A for $5 off if your order is over $30!

Christmas Boxes!
Thanks for reading my rant!
Martha x


  1. I agree...big disappointment. No green food (except the soy) only 5 products (again!) and an aromatherapy roll-on!!! No wonder they didn't release any spoilers or people would have cancelled it.

    1. You know they'd have used the soy cream as the spoiler so no one did haha! Yeah I will use most of the stuff but I just feel like there were so many unexplored options!