Friday, 5 December 2014

Memebox Special 67 Blackout! Unboxing and Review

My latest three Memeboxes arrived in a bundle pack yesterday and I just got chance to take (terrible) photos of them to blog about. These are going to be short blog posts as they are 'mini' $19 boxes and I'm not keeping a great deal out of them! I am starting with Black Out! which was, in my opinion, the most disappointing box.

Memebox Global Shop
This box had four products inside, sadly one of which would be an item I would use so it will not be staying in my Memebox collection.

So admittedly I quite like the titchy box it came in. If it had been crammed full of things I like (like the titchy Wine and Cheese box) I would have been over the moon, but it was not to be!

I'd love to say it was printed blurry but I would be lying...
Initially I was pleased there was no black eyeliner or mascara as a lot of people assumed that would show up, with a big picture of an eyeliner in the photo (which is never indicative of items included though) I did hope for some black face masks, like the lovely Ginseng one in Coffee Break with Dani or a black scrub or face pack. However some of these items seem to be in this box based purely on the fact they have black packaging...

Case in point:

They certainly stuck to a black packaging theme!
I will preface this review by saying this was not an ideal box for me. However it does have fans out there!

1. B&Soap Black Block85g $24
This is a product you can buy from the Memeshop. Although the RRP is listed as $24 for one, they are currently selling two for $14, so I make this worth $7 (they also had it up for $6 for one recently) So not really buying it being worth $24. This is though, the one product I thought was a good addition to the BlackOut! box. This is a charcoal, rosemary and olive oil soap and I have used Coalface before from Lush which is a similar premise. Aimed at problem skin the charcoal draws out impurities and combats oily skin. This sounds like a great product to try and I have heard good things about it, the only bad thing I can say is I am not buying a RRP of $24!

2. Honest Clinic Black Hole Spot 10ml $26
This is a spot treatment in black packaging. And I guess it has the word black in its name. I was slightly put off by the disclaimer to not use it on non troubled skin as it could cause reddening. I have two tea tree spot treatments on the way so I decided not to keep this one as I don't like to be forced to be too precise when putting on a topical spot treatment!

3. Tosowoong Black Head Nose Pack $6
Again black packaging and for blackheads. Considering they have a blackheads no more box I didn't really expect this to be a black head box, nor a box of black packaged items, but that is what it seems to have turned into. This does have the volcanic ash and charcoal we expected in the Blackout! box but there is no wow factor in a box of blackhead strips for me.

4. L'cret Hair Colour Keeper Treatment Shampoo 300ml $42
I have already received a bottle of this in the Rapunzel box.  At least it made sense for it to be in there, as the only 'black' thing about this is the bottle. Its a pretty disappointing inclusion for me. I don't use the shampoo as it personally leaves my hair feeling greasy. My Mum uses it as a 'take to the gym so it doesn't matter if I lose it' shampoo.

Overall I was underwhelmed with this box. Yes it was only $19 but I keep looking at my awesome SoothingSista box which turned up on the sae day and thinking, 'I only paid $4 more for this box and its ten times better!' The Memebox value is $98. Those values tend to be on the enthusiastic side but I think thats particularly the case in this Memebox. Sadly it has very little value to me and my skin/hair so will be passed on!

Memebox seems to be backing away from boxes at the moment. Perhaps things will change in the new year, as they are requesting people to recommend people for them to do collaboration boxes. With the Soothing Sista box being so awesome I don't mind if they stick to doing amazing collab boxes, but I do hope new boxes come soon! The link below will take you to the Memeshop which actually has things in, unlike the box section, and my December code for $5 off a $30+ spend is RQ6V9A!

As always thanks you for reading. I am also on Reddit Asian Beauty, which is an awesome resource if you are into, erm, Asian beauty!

Martha x

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