Friday, 5 December 2014

Memebox Special 65 Apple Mojito: Unboxing and Review!

The last of my mini box reviews, and the almost inevitable CutiePieMarzia2 repeat product; its Apple Mojito Memebox!

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I think I was really testing the limits of my 'food Memebox' resolve when I tried to justify this as a food box, and I was right. The picture looks so promising, lime and mint floating around. Seemed perfect! It contained 5 full size items for $19.

Look at it lounging there in the corner...

So here are the cards, no prizes for guessing the Marzia repeat!

So my main issue with this box wasn't the curation, although that has issues, but it was the repeats. I am by no means a seasoned old school Memebox buyer, but even for me this had two repeats.

So in an Apple Mojito box I was expecting apple products, mint and lime. Some of these are hits and some of these are a little odd.

1. Enesti Apple and Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream 50g $5
Okay so this is the first repeat for me, I already have this from the Honey 2 box and I am just about to finish it. It smells gorgeous, like a toffee apple, and is a lovely hand cream. I do however have hand creams coming out of my ears (note: hyperbole, not usage directions) so I don't need another, but I do think this is a pretty good product.

2. A.H.C Climax Foam Cleanser 180ml $29
This is a pretty large foam cleanser made with soda water, coconut and glucose. I am no cocktail expert but I am guessing the Mojito connection is the soda water? Hmm. This is supposed to be suitable for all skin types, but again I have a lot of foam cleansers from Memebox that I prefer the scent of so this is a miss for me.

3. Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm Lemon Cupcake $6
I think lemon is slightly off the mark for a Mojito box. I can see where they were going but they veered off last minute. These lip balms are cute and I have one already from the Cafe Box. As much as I hoard lip balm lemon isn't my favourite flavour of it so this will be passed on.

4. Purederm Skin Turn-over Lemon Peeling Toner 170ml $24
I recently spent an exciting Saturday night sorting out my Memebox products into product types rather than their original box. I am cool. Anyway the one lacking product was definitely toners to I am pleased to get one. Again with the lemon though? I am very surprised, and also not surprised, that they didn't feature the *ahem* Apple Mojito Toner. Is that just too 'in the box' for Meme? They did feature this in a box before so clearly have access to the product, and as we shall soon see are not against repeats.

And the product that surprised nobody and horrified everyone...

5. Tonymoly Red Apple Tox Honey Cream 80ml $12
Currently for sale for $5 on the Memeshop. I stole my picture of this from my My Cute Wishlist 4 review, as it was featured in that as well as the CutiePieMarzia2 box. This is a totally fine product, and it does fit in with the Apple Mojito theme but for it to be thrown into two boxes after the less than stellar performance of CPM2 is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Many people actually own the CPM2 in it's entirety without buying the box as it has been split up and thrown in so many other boxes. There are people who have 3/4 of these just through buying boxes normally, not repeats, so I think this is a bit much in terms of duplicating products.

I think this was the best box out of the three, containing 5 full size products, but I will only be keeping one item from this. This has a Memebox value of $76 and cost $19. 

Memebox seems to be backing away from boxes at the moment. Perhaps things will change in the new year, as they are requesting people to recommend people for them to do collaboration boxes. With the Soothing Sista box being so awesome I don't mind if they stick to doing amazing collab boxes, but I do hope new boxes come soon! The link below will take you to the Memeshop which actually has things in, unlike the box section, and my December code for $5 off a $30+ spend is RQ6V9A!

As always thanks you for reading. I am also on Reddit Asian Beauty, which is an awesome resource if you are into, erm, Asian beauty!

Martha x

PS: If you managed to get through all three of these lacklustre box reviews, here is a reward of cats.



  1. oh your kitties are so sweet!! yes, mojito - the saem mojito mist, mizon mojito toner....I guess memebox just doesn't know how to put 2 and 2 together!

    the saem mojito mist was in a memebox-K box - the office lady and I was hoping it was going to be in office essentials (a crappy box, btw) We will never get it, it seems

    1. Nope it seems like they missed a big chance! I do like the box but two repeats and no mojito?

  2. OMG SWEET KITTIES!!!! I do believe that they are my favorite part of the review. :)

    1. I should put my cats in every post, make it worth reading!