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Memebox Superbox 52 Thumbs Up! Beauty Box: Unboxing and Review!

So on Black Friday (I think...) Memebox did a huge restock of boxes, almost every box they've every done it seemed. okay slight exaggeration but there was a lot of boxes restocked. One of which was a box I have really wanted, purely for one product. It took ages to sell out so I kept going back and ended up ordering three....

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I didn't want to be greedy and hoard them all but they seemed to hang around for a while. Perhaps people had forgotten about the star product!

This box was apparently curated based on Memebox asking people what their favourite products were. I wasn't around at the time but I know that an Instagram post was part of it. It says top liked so perhaps Facebook and other reviewed items were also taken into account.  Anyway I think for the most part people were pretty disappointed with this box. I'll be really honest, I bought it for one product and I will be passing on the rest. There are some other products that people love from it but they are not for me.

So here are the cards!

Lots of controversial products in this box!

1. Hope Girl 3D Powder Blusher Sexy Rose 5g
This will apparently give you a sharper jawline and a smaller shaped face. According to Kitty I definitely need this. I don't think I will be keeping it as it has glitter in, which isn't my preference with blush. Nars Orgasm is my worst nightmare! This wasn't a particularly popular product I do not think, and when I put items up for grabs from this box people wanted everything but this, so a bit of a miss as far as 'thumbs up' products go!

2. Kocostar Nail Therapy 2 pack $7
I have used this product before from the Coffee Break with Dani box! It is nice but I just feel it did not make a lot of difference to my nails and it was a bit fiddly. It comes with 10 individual finger tip gloves with moisturiser in which you leave on for thirty to sixty minutes. Not the most convenient timeframe to be without the use of your hands, but they are a nice product!

3. Real Beauty Serum 50ml $22
So this serum was apparently made in collaboration with Real Beauty's fans. I had a little Google and couldn't find any information on what 'Real Beauty' in Korea is, so I am not quite sure what to make of that information! anyway this lightweight serum is made with various nutrients depending on the type, from green tea, to rose water, bamboo or aloe vera. There are four varieties, rose, bamboo, waterfall and bouncy.  Mine looks pale pink in real life but beige in the picture above. As I only have one I really cannot tell if it is the rose or the bouncy version. As I said above I have two more coming so maybe if I get different varieties I can update this as to what this is, as it really is quite pink to me!

4. Rivecowe Sedum Control Convenient Compact $17
This little mattifying compact was another popular product when I was splitting up the boxes. It is a oil control and sebum control powder which can be used to matte 'oil slicks' throughout the day. I always felt oil slick was a strong word to describe a little bit of shine on the forehead but Memebox likes to really emphasise the horrors of our faces at times! I would have kept this had it not been a little dark for my fair skin. I tend to use translucent powder for this purpose as I am quite pale.

5. O& Soap Berry Cleanser 100ml
This is a holy grail cleanser for many and is a very popular product, so I understand totally why it was included in the Thumbs Up box. It creates frothy, creamy bubbles when cleansing and reveals a natural luminosity. I love foaming cleansers but prefer the Elizavecca and Ariul versions so I will be letting those who adore this product have an extra bottle!

6. Miguhara BP Cream 30ml $37
Ahhhhhhhhh angels and rainbows and kittens descend from Care-a-lot. This is the reason i went back for this box twice. I absolutely love this primer. It is extremely similar to Benefits Porefessional but I find it has a little more coverage. I can wear this on my own whereas with the Porefessional I would use an additional foundation or powder. With this I don't need to. I really like both products but the price of this box was less than a bottle of the Porefessional so to me it was a win win situation, as I also got some other fun products too! It definitely has a silicone feel to it but I haven't yet found a pore filling primer without that feeling and to be quite honest I like the smooth feeling. This leaves me face smooth and matte all day, and it makes my skin look airbrushed. Yes I spent $90 on three of these boxes to get three of these, and I would buy another three tomorrow! This is $37 on TesterKorea and is hard to find elsewhere so the value stated is accurate! 

7. Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder 80g $10
This was another controversial product as apparently not many people were a fan of it. However someone pointed out that on Instagram there are a tonne pf photos of people using this product, possibly ironically, and Memebox perhaps took that as lots of people being a fan. I don't think you can blame them for that! This is a product that you mix with yoghurt or milk or 'any other liquid/gel natural ingredient' to make your own mask.  It mentions oatmeal, rice and milk to mix with this powder to create the mask. I will be honest as wonderful as that sounds, I am far too lazy and have far too many pre made masks to start fussing on with this powder!

I bought this box fully intending to only keep the Miguhara and to be honest I do think I will only keep the Miguhara, but that does not mean this is a bad box! All but the bran powder and blusher were very popular when I was splitting these up, with the soapberry, nail therapy and compact powder particularly so, so I don't think anyone can say these products were mostly duds. Maybe it wasn't the most wanted repeats that everyone expected, but give me a box with Miguhara in and thats a box I will buy! This box was $32 + $7 shipping so $39, but I had Memepoints and $5 codes (Try RQ6V9A or OMSCKP for $5 off!) The Memevalue of the box is $124. I think the blusher price is ambitious, but the rest I can deal with!

If you would like to pick up your own box Memebox still has some available, a K Beauty box and a Mask box, as well as a boxing day mystery box! If you click the link below you can check out the boxes and shop products available, and access automatic affiliate discounts on certain spend thresholds!

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Thank you for reading!

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