Saturday, 20 December 2014

Memebox Shop Review: A;T Fox Cupcake Creams!

A cynical person may accuse me of buying these only for the packaging.

And they'd probably be right...
Okay. I admit it. Put something in cute pink cupcakes and I'm sold.

I got all three of these from Memebox Global, but sadly they do not seem to be available any longer.

Each of these has a different purpose and they varied in price between the three. They all came wrapped in a cellophane wrapper instead of the usual boxes which was a bit of a shame as the mini boxes in Cute Wishlist 1 were adorable. Anyway I guess they would have only ended up in the bin so its not too much of a loss!

These differ from the smaller ones both in size and the fact they have little decorative balls! The hearts are also slightly different.

First up, purple! This is Jasoyup Herb Tea Whitening Capsule Cream.

This super cute purple cupcake with silver decorations contains a moisturising lilac gel cream with whitening essence contained in capsules inside.

The smell is quite pleasant and the cream absorbs well with no white cast. As with all 'whitening' products this is more to even out skin tone and brighten. You get 50ml of this and this cupcake was $17.

The yellow and cream cupcake is the Moisturising Gel Cream Gyoolpy Tea. Gyoolpy is quite possibly my favourite word. I'm not quite sure what it means, but apparently it has lots of Vitamin C! I have a facial mist with the same scent which is really nice.

This contains a thick yellow gel consistency cream which smells like a fruity tea. I prefer this scent to the purple cupcake! Again it absorbs well and leaves a nice fragrance on the skin! This is again 50ml of product and this cupcake was $14.

And last but not least, my favourite!

I love the artwork on the labels of these, which is why I wish they had come in the boxes! As you may be able to see the golden heart had snapped off the cupcake when I received this cupcake, but my crafty Dad fixed it up for me good as new!

So this pink and gold cupcake was the most expensive at $22 for 50ml. It is a Black Tea lifting cream with black tea extracts for a more youth
ful complexion. Inside it has the consistency and colour of strawberry yoghurt, but sadly not the smell! The scent is very subtle and you cannot smell anything when on your skin.

Considering I bought these for their cute factor I am actually quite pleased with the products. They are not holy grails but they will definitely get used up before they turn into pretty ornaments!

I cannot currently find any A;T Fox products in the Memeshop at the moment, but they have released some lovely holiday gift sets by Shara Shara, Benton and Dewytree which contain some fabulous products! You can still use RQ6V9A for $5 off $30!

I may or may not have bought all of these....
Martha x


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