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Memebox Special 62 Tea Tree Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

 I had a bit of a mad mail week and got lots of parcels in one day! All the Memeboxes seem to be coming at once. This was one I had decided not to keep before I received it as I have come to realise tea tree is too harsh for my skin apart from spot treatments. My skin has been behaving nicely recently and I didn't want to upset that by using tea tree which is more suited to blemish prone skin. It is however a really great, high value box.

 This box is still available!
This box is still available!
Memebox did just restock this box and lots of others if you want to see what is still up for grabs!

So this box contains six full size items, and is perfect for those with acne or blemish prone skin.

Apologies for the poor pictures. As I have said in a few other blogs me and daylight are not friends in Winter time!

1. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream $18
This bee venom spot cream is the one product that will suit my current skin. Luckily for me (and the lovely Kim who bought this box from me) I got one of these in my Global 17 box. It has been working nicely so far. I have used a few tea tree based spot treatments before and this works just as well so I am a fan of this. Obviously you use it just on the areas where you have a blemish so it takes a long time to go through!

2. DD'ell Moisture Facial mask $7
This is pretty pricey for a sheet mask, at $7 when most are $3 from Meme! I have a few tea tree sheet masks from Etude House and Innisfree for when my skin breaks out and they do work nicely but are a bit harsh for me for everyday use. Obviously as I have sold this box on I will not be testing this!

3. Purederm Tea Tree Pore Freshener 170ml $24
Initially I wasn't sure what a pore freshener was but it appears from the instructions that it is simply a toner. You can use it to sooth and clearl pores of impurities. I have a lemon toner from Purederm from the Apple Mojito Box which I really like, and they have the same 'pump up' dispenser where it pumps into a little bowl, which is quite handy and hygienic.

4. Tosowoong Tea Tree AC Control Soothing Lotion 100ml $19
This is a soothin lotion for red and stimulated skin and it also helps to treat acne. This anti ageing lotion is packed with tea tree to help really help treat those skin types that are prone to blemishes and spots.

5. ProYou Tea Tree Oil 10ml $24
This is a very concentrated oil to use on a cotton bud to spot treat blemishes. This would have been a product I would have been interested before I started my Korean skincare routine but now I feel it would be too harsh for my skin. You can also mix a little of it into a mask to add the healing properties to the mask.

6. Purederm Tea Tree Make Up Remover Towelette 30 $7
 I had been hoping for some more make up removing products from Memebox but I prefer a milk cleanser for this purpose, or the Clarisonic. I do not use wipes for it so this is not a product for me.
 For those with blemish prone skin though these would be ideal to prevent breakouts after make up wear.

 Overall this came in a huge box and was jam packed. It weighed a tonne too!

This will really be an awesome box for someone with the right skin type. Sadly that isn't me anymore!

Memebox just restocked a lot of boxes and there are plenty still available, including this box if you fancy it! Click the box below to see the boxes on Memebox and access affiliate discounts. $5 off in December is RQ6V9A

Check out the restocks!

Martha x

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