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Memebox Superbox 80 Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

I have had this box for ages but Christmas has taken over! The last food box Memebox released, and I am definitely hoping they do more!

Memebox Global

This box picture originally had an orange lipstick on it which sent people running for the hills! Luckily there was not an orange lipstick inside!

Naturally a lot of people expected this to be a box full of pumpkin items. However, the Memebox description did state 'all of the ingredients which go into a pumpkin pie' rather than simply pumpkins, and that is exactly what we got!

Here is all the stuff:

And here are the cards!

As you can see, the ingredients of choice are sugar, milk, egg, lemon, and pumpkin itself. The lemon was a controversial choice, as hand creams tend to be, but many recipes online do state lemon as an ingredient so we can't really argue! I am more a pumpkin soup maker myself so I couldn't possibly comment.

1. Dearberry Coco's Secret Recipe Pumpkin 100ml $16
This was an iem which a lot of people expected to be in the box, so it was nice that it was included. One thing I forgot to mention was upon opening the box I got a huge smell of pumpkin. I assumed it was this, being the only pumpkin item in the box. This however, does not smell of pumpkin. None of the individual products smell like pumpkin, so how I got a pumpkin smell I don't know. Wishful thinking perhaps. This is a moisturising wash off pack, and the packaging has a cute cat with a pumpkin.

I'm guessing that's Coco?
I enjoy wash off packs and seem to have been inundated with strawberry ones from Memebox so a Pumpkin one is a nice change of scent, even though this doesn't really smell of pumpkin.

2. Insobeau Multi Complex V Line Repair Sleeping Mask 180ml $42
Memebox advises this has a short expiry date of only 6 months so I will have to bump it up the list of sleeping packs to try. This is the egg product, which contains rich proteins and nutrients from the egg complex. It also has argan oil and collagen and melts into the skin. As with all sleeping packs you leave this on overnight. I cannot really detect any smell from this!

3. Enesti Shea Butter Hand Cream Lemon and Verbana 50g $5
I am a big fan of the Apple and Honey Enesti hand creams I got in my Apple Mojito and Honey 2 box, so another variety of this is a welcome addition to my worrying large hand cream stash. They absorb well and smell lovely so I am happy with this. As mentioned above this is the lemon element of a pumpkin pie which not all people agree with!

4. Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask 100ml $7
This is a repeat for me as I got this face scrub in my Scrub 2 box. I am a big fan of Tony Moly Face Scrubs though, I love the latte scrub from the Cafe box so another one of these is okay by me. It has black sugar, gold and honey to exfoliate dead skin cells and bring back a healthy glow. This is more of a mask as you are supposed to leave it on for ten minutes, so this is one to use in the bath for me!

5. Enesti Day to Day Rice and Milk Cleansing Foam 160g $14
I believe this is another repeat item for me, but they have changed the packaging! I got another rice and milk cleansing foam in the Milk box, although this is a slightly larger tube. I really enjoyed that cleanser and I am nearly at the end of it. It is a thick cream which foams nicely with my Clarisonic. I also really like rice masks and milk products so this is a good item to put with my other cleansers!

As far as food boxes go I am pleased with this! I like it a lot more than the last one I got, Green Foods.  This box cost $23 + $7 shipping (I used a $5 code, mine for December is RQ6V9A) and had a Memevalue of $84. With five useful products I am pleased with that!

Memebox have released a few boxes recently but none which have grabbed my attention. I did pick up some boxes in the restock, but only repeats and a Thumbs Up 1 for the Miguhara BP cream, and the Winter Mask box is also on its way. We shall see what the New Year brings with regards to new releases. I did pick up some of the holiday value sets though as they looked very tempting! Some of them are still in stock!

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Thanks for reading!
Martha x

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