Friday, 12 December 2014

Memebox Shop: Cleomee Donkey Milk Sheet Masks Review!

This will only be a quick one as sheet masks aren't something you can go on forever about, but I thought I would review these whilst they are still in stock on Memebox, and on sale!

Click to check them out on Memebox!
I am a big fan of both sheet masks and the Cleomee Donkey Milky body lotion I got in my Cafe Box so I knew I had to try some of these!

You get 10 masks in the box and I will cut to the chase, I love them! They are really soaked with essence which isn't the be all and end all but they feel so nourishing. From the minute they went on my my face they really felt amazing.

I love them so much I took a terrible photo!
I do enjoy sheet masks but I tend to find them all quite similar. A nice thing to have on in the bath, and skin feels nice afterwards. These were really something else to me, so so nourishing and I will definitely be buying them again. My skin looked and felt amazing after using them. I really do need to pick up more Cleomee products as I haven't had a miss from them yet!

Feel free to use my blogger code of RQ6V9A to get $5 off an order over $30!

Martha x

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