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Memebox Global 17: Unboxing and Review

This is only my second global box as I tend to stick to the themed boxes more. I am finding that each box I review feels like it is getting closer and closer to the end of Memebox. There are only two boxes left on the site, and they keep popping in and out of stock. Hopefully the new year will bring good news for Memebox fans. Anyway! Onto Global 17.

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On initial spoiler pictures of this box I considered selling the whole thing as is. I am actually pretty happy that I didn't do that.

Apologies as always for the photos at the moment. Me and sunlight don't get to see each other very often in Winter!

As mentioned earlier this is my second global box, I also got global 15. Globals are/were a really popular series of boxes, but I have never been wowed by one, and this is no exception. Yes a lot of the products are useable but nothing is really making me excited!

1. Palan Crysence Home Care Pouch Set 80ml
This is a set of eight samples, four shampoo and four conditioner. Memebox pretty rarely sends out samples nowadays, although they have always promised to send full size and deluxe samples so samples are always possible. I am never overly excited by Memebox shampoo as I am fairly stuck in my ways buying Lush shampoo, but these will come in handy for use at the gym as I try not to take my Lush stuff as I will no doubt lose it. The price per litre of this item is $186 which is insane! Thse samples come out about $15 worth at that valuation...

2. Climax Water Pool Cleanser 150ml $34
This was one of those products I mentally put on my trade list just by looking at it. It just looked like a run of the mill cleanser and I have those coming out of my ears (or Memeboxes under my bed more accurately) However I decided to give this a chance to see just how climactic it was. Turns out I actually like it. It has a fresh scent and is a milky liquid cleanser. It made my face feel refreshed and cleansed so it is one I will be keeping in my cleanser box stash.  It is described as having a mucin like texture, which I agree with, and also as being sticky and highly elastic, which wasn't something I experienced.

3. Dr MJ Real Mucin Restore Suncream SPF45 PA+++ 50g $41
As a pale person who burns easily I like to have suncream in my stash at all times so I am happy to have this one. I also really enjoy snail mucin products so this is a win win for me. It isn't exciting, but it is functional and useable. It  is described as a mild suncream with hydration and skin evening properties.

4. Cheek Room Lip Palette $24
There was a choice with this product of 1 or 2. No further names were given. I think I got 1 as the box has a very small 1 in a triangle, but thats as much as I know. It is the bottom one pictured on the card. This palette contains a lip balm, a shiny lipstick and two lip colours as well as a small lip brush. I love lipstick but have never got on with lip palettes so will be selling this item. It has a plastic overlay detailing which parts of the palette are which which is a helpful touch.

5. Shara Shara Pink Piggy Collagen Cream 50ml $22
I was hoping this was an Elizavecca product when I saw it was a pig collagen cream, but sadly not, more Shara Shara! This is a pink pudding textured moisturiser that reminds me of blancmange. It smells nice and I appear to be a moisturiser hoarder so this will stay! It has argan oil, collagen and hyaluronic acid to provide anti ageing and moisturising affects.

6. Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream 15ml $18
This is a spot treatment with bee venom to help control excess sebum and to help clear up spots. This is also coming in my tea tree box so I can only assume it has tea tree in too. I like trying new spot treatments, and I have had great results from the Benton Snail Bee Essence so bee products seem to be working for my skin.

This box was $23 and I paid one shipping cost for three global boxes as I bought in a bundle. The memebox value is $154. Was this box worth my $23? Just. It wasn't an exciting box, but on closer inspection five of the products are useable to me. There is nothing in here I would repurchase though, and I am not sure whether I will continue buying global boxes as the themed boxes always work much better for me. However I am not even sure if global boxes are continuing or themed boxes. Its all very much up in the air!

If you fancy buying the one remaining box, or anything from the Memeshop, my December$5 off $30 code is RQ6V9A. So far there are no extra VIP codes for December which is a bit of a bummer!
Click the link below to access the Memeshop and affiliate discounts if anything takes your fancy!

Memebox Global
As always thank you very much for reading!
Martha x

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