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Christmas Lush Haul! Nightingale, 12 Days of Christmas, Snow Fairy, So White and lots more!

I love Lush, therefore I love the Lush Boxing Day Sale! I usually head down later in the day, firstly as I like to sleep in and secondly I am not one to deal with mental crowds! However there were some lovely boxes I really wanted to try to get so I headed down for opening time this year.

I managed to get the two Christmas boxes I had wanted. The Rosie box was from my lovely neighbour.

I shall quickly talk about Rosie before I talk about the crazy Lush Boxing Day rush!

Photo courtesy of Lush

This is not a Christmas box so it is still available. The Rose Jam scent is one of my favourite Lush smells so I am in love with this box. You get two rose scented bubble bars, some shower gel and the body conditioner in Ro's Argan body conditoner. Unlike the above picture mine came with a Tisty Tosty bath ballistic instead of the little tin. This box seems to have gone through quite a few incarnations!
Okay so onto the Lush craziness!

The queue was pretty big at around half eight, but everyone seemed normal at first. One lady who seemed nice when I was chatting to her in the queue turned into an utterly ruthless harpy as soon as the doors opened! I saw her and her partner literally clear the shelves on Snow Fairy, to the point I actually filled my own basket, then put it on the other side of the store to let everyone else have a chance. They must have been eBay resellers as there was no way anyone could have gone through that much shower gel in a year. I usually get through two of the large bottles and they had at least 30 medium bottles!

I took my very tall friend with me to help with high shelves, and I managed to get my most wanted two boxes, Nightingale and 12 Days of Christmas. I usually only get Lush boxes when the box itself is gorgeous as I would rather pick up items I like myself, but I could not pass up this gorgeous book shaped box and the stunning tall hatbox. Both contained predominantly bath bombs which are my favourite items from Lush!

Photo courtesy of Lush

12 Days of Christmas contained 7 bath bombs/ballistics and melts, 100g of Hot Toddy and The Olive Branch shower gel (which I am gifting to aforementioned tall friend for his help!) and Karma and Honey I Washed The Kids soap, which are odd choices for a Christmas box considering they had four lovely soaps out this Christmas! It also had a small tub of the Celebrate body lotion. This was mentioned as a Lush 'Advent Calender' but I didn't really see it as one! I like my calendars to run the full 25 days! It was originally £49.50 so I got it for roughly £25.

Photo Courtesy of Lush

Nightingale contained mostly bath bombs, and two of the new Christmas soaps, Yog Nog and Snowcake. Snowcake is my all time favourite scent from Lush but Yog Nog is quickly catching up! It was the third biggest box this year, after WOW and All I Want for Christmas, but this had, in my opinion, a much prettier box! This was box was originally an eye watering £82.50 but I got it for £41.25. The items in the box added up to around £76 so you pay around £6 for the box, but the box is stunning so it was well worth it, especially for £41!

After I got the boxes I went back later when the crazy rush had died down as you physically could not move. That also meant they had chance to restock the cleaned out shelves, so I was able to pick up quite a few bath bombs and bubble bars to last me through the year! I mostly chose my favourites, Butterbears, Lord of Misrule, Christmas Hedgehogs and So Whites.

I also got some non bath ballistic items. I got two pieces of Yog Nog and Snowcake as the scents are wonderful. I usually put them in my clothes drawers until I am ready to use them. I got a large Rose Jam and So White shower gel, as well as a smaller Snow Fairy. I am not sure if I will keep or gift the Snow Fairy I do like it but I prefer Rose Jam and I also love the fresh apple scent of So White this year! Lush York also had the entire sun cream collection on half price (Lush also puts products made before certain dates in their 50% off sale) so I picked up some of the Sesame Suntan Lotion which smells like peanut butter! There was some confusion at the till where I was charged full price for this due to a mistake so the manager gave me a free solid sunblock too which was really nice of them (I wasn't complaining, honest, I wasn't surprised mistakes were made in that giant crazy crowd!)

So I now have four large hatboxes filled with bath bombs and ballistics so I think I am set for the next year. If they have nice boxes next year I may brave the sale again, but if I am just after individual items I will head down later and not run the risk of being trampled! I would advise not buying Christmas Lush on eBay as the people do not deserve your custom. If they just bought what they would use there would be enough for everyone. But maybe I am an idealist...

Did anyone else pick up anything in the Lush sale?

Martha xx

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