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Memebox Special 63 Skincare Elixir: Unboxing and Review!

Described as a 'miracle in a box' the name of this box was immediately appealing. I can't resist anything with a super fancy name like Elixir! I was expecting things that looked like potion bottles from the Middle Ages.

Memebox Global Shop
A bit like that fancy green one in the picture!

Sadly my hopes were perhaps a little too high but I am quite impressed with the contents regardless!
Five full size items!
Mostly non blurry cards today! Very impressed with myself.

 So lets take a look at these five items. As you can probably tell two look very similar (and I believe *spoiler alert* there is another of those in the Empress box) so I'll shortly have three of those!

1. Neogen Code9 Pore Tightening Aqua Cream 120ml $44
I was surprised to see this was a Neogen product, mostly because their packaging varies widely between items. I have their Camel Milk moisturiser and their gold and caviar toner pads. You wouldn't think they were from the same brand if they were on a shelf together! We also got some of their gold and cacao cream in the Chocomania box but that is sold out on the website. I have really been impressed with this brand.  This pore tightening cream has Canadian Glacier water, baobab tree extracts and a 'pore control EX complex' Basically it is a moisturiser to help tighten pores, reduce their appearance and leave your skin firm and supple. Based on the other products from the Neogen range I am really pleased with this first product! I wouldn't really call it an elixir though, in my own interpretation of the word.

2. Shara Shara Green Oasis Lifting Eye Cream 30ml
The Shara Shara influx will never end! This is in a similar packaging to the spot treatment from Tea Tree and Global 17 so I assume it is from the same range of products. This is an intensive night time eye cream and has jojoba seed oil, date pale ferments and collagen. I like having eye creams as they always come in handy, but again, this would not come under my definition of an elixir.

3. Tosowoong Syn-ake Whitening Mist 100ml $20
Syn-ake is a man made synthesis of snake venom, hence the name. This mist is designed to brighten the skintone and strengthen dry dull skin. You can use this spray whenever you want! I used to be really bored by Memebox mists but I have actually started enjoying them more as a pick me up throughout the day for my skin. I will allow this in the elixir category, by the skin of its teeth.

4. Tosowoong Syn-ake Wrinkle Free Lotion 100ml $20
The odds of me mixing up these bottles are high! They are identical in everyway except for one word difference. Should make for a fun evening if I do, especially when bottle three (the essence) comes along. I actually quite like the idea of having a few products from a range to see if they work together.  This is a light moisturiser I would use during the day personally. Again this is to rejuvenate dry dull skin and soothe any irritation. Again not sure if I would classify this as an elixir. I guess the fancy synthesised snake venom is elixer-esque, so it gets a free pass.

5. ProYou Magic Silky Shiny Skin Essence 50ml $36
A lightweight essence for all skin types, with copper peptides to smoothen skin texture and rice bran, morus bark to brighten the skin. Last but not least collagen to add suppleness to the skin for healthier looking skin. I really enjoyed my ProYou peeling cream in the Scrub 2 box so I am hoping this essence is another one to add to the pile of good ProYou products. I don't see anything super special about this to categorise it as an elixir but maybe I set my potion bottle hopes too high!

Overall I am really happy with the box. I paid $32+ shipping but probably had a code or some points to bring it down a little. The value is $140 and I am really happy with the items I got for my money!

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Happy shopping! You can still use code RQ6V9A for $5 off a $30 or above spend.
Martha x

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