Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wine and Cheese Update!

So as we all know there was a bit of a mess on with the Wine and Cheese box from Meme. I thought I would do a quick round up of the second box I received as it had a different product than originally expected.

So the main change from the card is the fact that the Innisfree item was not included due to stocking issues. Memebox were very generous and gave out 12 memepoints, which is the equivalent of $12 store credit, the full RRP of the item. Considering the box was $29 it means I now only paid $17 for the remaining five items. They also included a extra product and an apology note!

They included one of their new Mememasks and a note apologising for their 'bad behaviour.' I found this quite sweet as to be quite honest I didn't blame Memebox for the issues. Stock problems happen with every company and sometimes things are just beyond control. In my eyes, a $12 "refund" and a free mask was more than they needed to do!

I have tried the Mememask and I really love them, as I do with most hydrogels, and I have ordered myself a large pack of them! They are still on free shipping which is always good!

I thought whilst I am here I should do a quick round up of everything else in the box and how I have been finding it!

 I have been using this as a sleeping pack and I absolutely love it and I am very tempted to pick up the yellow replenishing version from the Memeshop! There were two Ladykin Mangchee items in this box and I love both! I have found recently that as long as I use my Benton Snail Bee Essence then my breakouts are kept to a minimum no matter what else I use, so thats good news for this heavy night cream!

 I am almost through my first tube of this and I love it, and shall be trawling  for more. I love a thick hand cream and this is wonderful but really feels as though it absorbs into my skin rather than sitting on the top and getting all over whatever I touch.  It has a pleasant mango smell too!

This is the one product I think I will find it tough to get through two so may sell one. It is a nice product but I have SPF that I prefer, mostly upwards of 30. It does absorb well and doesn't smell of wine, which I prefer!

 I am IN LOVE with this cream. I love a heavy night cream and this sticky gooey loveliness is amazing. Plus it smells like marzipan which is one of my favourite smells. I never want to be without it. It is wonderful! I wish Memebox would get it back on their shop *hint hint*

As someone who is not a fan of wine I was glad to find this does not smell heavily of red wine. I did enjoy this sheet mask as I do with most sheet masks. I didn't find it made a big difference to my pores but I find it takes a while to see effects from these type of sheet masks. I mostly use them for skin nourishment.

This was definitely a wonderful box and I am glad I got two. I was not at all upset by the substitution of the Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel for the Mememask, especially with the added points refund. I would definitely buy another of these boxes, if only for the bounce cream, but the inclusion of all these items in the Black Friday 1 and 2 boxes makes me feel that they will not be restocking due to the complaints over the lack of the Innisfree product, which is a real shame for me and my need for Bounce cream!

Martha x

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