Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Memebox Superbox 78 Dirty Gal: Unboxing and Review!

I had worried that Memebox had lost the plot and was just sending any old rubbish in the last few boxes, but this box (and sneaky spoilers of some more upcoming boxes) has restored my faith! If Cleopatra and Empress amaze me (hopefully here Thursday!) I shall be back in Meme love!

This box was supposed to contain products with ingredients that would usually be associated with being dirty rather than a cosmetic! My interest was certainly piqued!

So as this is a superbox all the items are full sized. There are five different products, and one of those you get two varieties which is always a bonus!

Enjoy the blurry cards! I will type out what they say although they are mostly self explanatory products in this box!

Lets have a closer look at the dirty delights we have in store.

1. Dr MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream 50g $46
This is a moisturiser made with snail slime, naturally the snail slime is the dirty ingredient. Who would want snails sliming all over their face? Actually everyone it turns out, everyone loves a good bit of snail slime on their face, morning or night. This is a very sticky elastic textured cream and I cannot wait to try it. It does have a complete seal over the top so I won't be opening it until I go through the 75,000 moisturisers I have already, but I have heard brilliant things about this and I have been pleased with my Dr MJ products that have been cropping up in Memebox so far.

2. B&Soap Mamie Blue 130g $29
So here we have a pot of Lush Mask of Magnaminty's secret Korean cousin. The packaging definitely has that Lush look to it, and the mask looks, smells and feels like Lush Mask of Magnaminty. Not a complaint in any way but the comparison is an obvious and accurate one!

This is how it looks in the pot. It is a bright blue green with gel like translucent darker blue bits. It is apparently nicknamed 'the smurf mask' in Korea, and you will see why! It is a great mask for impurities and my skin felt very soft afterwards. It had a strong mint smell just like Mask of Magnaminty from the peppermint oil. I really enjoyed this mask, and it did indeed make me look like a smurf.

The camera placement gives me a fancy 'faraway gaze' look. 
I found this fine on the majority of my face but at the sides of my nose it burned. Not painfully but a definite burn at first, but that did go away. If my skin gets sore anywhere it is the side of my nose so it may have been that my skin was sensitive there. Some people reported redness on the face after their mask but I did not, this is me post smurf mask.

A thumbs up from me! I guess the dirtiness is the fact that it turns your face blue. Filth.

3. Esthetic Houe Mayo Pack 120ml $12
So I guess apparently its not normal to put mayo in your hair? I guess that's why my sandwiches always taste so odd. Anyone this hair pack is based on a famous hair home remedy for soft, moist and nourished hair. Not sure what situation would call for me to want to have moist hair...
I love hair packs. I like mayo. I can't see any issues here.

4. Pure Smile Muddy Girl 15g x 2 $2
These were randomly selected from mud, pearl and kaolin. I got green and yellow. That's about as much information as the packaging gives you! From extensive internet research I think the green is kaolin and the yellow is pearl. I always like face masks, and I haven't actually used these before so I am pleased! Not a bad cheap filler item and its always nice to get two as one use products can be hard to gauge.

5. Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil 80ml $83
Ahhh Cleomee the new love of my life. I love the sheet masks. I love the donkey milk body lotion. I love Cleomee.  I really like this too! Its a light body oil which I personally use whenever I feel like it though it advises to use it when skin is particularly dry.

Donkey oil is a bit of a confusing one, as horse oil is made from rendered horse fat. Donkey oil seems to be made from EGF (epidermal growth factor) in the donkeys milk which is basically an amino acid. I still cannot work out which it is but the ingredients on this make me lean more towards the amino acid from the milk. Who knows! It is a lovely product. Lots of people have really laid into the smell, calling it rancid and rotten etc. Mine smells just fine. Is it the my new perfume of choice? No. But to me it just smells like oil with nothing bad about it at all.

So this box is jam packed with dirty ingredients, mud, donkey oil, mayonnaise, snail and of course, blue. I love every product genuinely! This box was $32 but I bought it whilst it had $6 off so it cost me $26 + $7 postage. The Memebox value of the box is $172. Some products are priced very highly for what they are, the donkey oil and smurf mask for example, but they are 100% worth $26 + shipping to me! I highly recommend grabbing this box if it ever resurfaces on Memebox! If you want to get your own memebox the link in the picture below will take you to the site and you can use code RQ6V9A for $5 off a $30 order!

Thanks for reading!
Martha x


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    1. Its okay. I am sure your 'special' creams will fix it :)

  2. I was able to get three uses out of the Muddy Girl mask in My Cute Wishlist 3 so you should definitely get more than one use out of each of yours. Despite your face being considerably wider than mine... ;-)

    1. Your face is like a cucumber that someone stuck Mr Potato Head eyes and a mouth on.

  3. It should be the law that everyones favourite dirt is blue.