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Memebox Special 66 Petit Treasures: Unboxing and Review!

The second of my three mini box bundle and possibly the lightest box I have ever received. There was absolutely no weight to this box, and when I opened it that wasn't a surprise as it was a pretty empty box, both on quality and quantity sadly.

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"A batch of rare and beautiful treasures" promised Memebox. Well apparently they were so rare none of them made it into my box!

It was a very light and empty box at first glance. These boxes were only $19 so I did expect them to be on the lower end of the Memebox standard 4-8 products. Maybe we have been spoilt recently but a lot of people have been disappointed by only getting 4 items in two of the mini boxes. I didn't mind the quantity of items but I hoped the quality would make up for it. Sadly it didn't.

In my mind the idea of this was a mini Cute Wishlist, full of tiny cute things. Considering the wealth of tiny cute beauty products in Korea I figured this was one box that would knock it out of the park. 

Oh well. At least they didn't put any CutiePieMarzia2 items in *cough apple mojito cough*

 As you can see from the cards this contains four full size products, and is almost as much of a Shara Shara fest as My Lovely Lovely Lovely Boutique.

1. Recipe By Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss Sweet Fiona 6g $5
So lets start this off on a high note as I do actually find this cute.  Recipe By Nature is a popular brand and this lip balm claims to melt onto the lips like ice cream and have a mild fruity scent. not a Fiona scent I guess then, which is disappointing. To me it smells exactly like those Pixie sticks with sherbet, every single one, no particular flavour. It is quite a sticky and thick balm so I think I will use it at night. Not my favourite scent or flavour but I've stuck my finger in it now so I'm stuck with it. I assume it is called a 'swing gloss' because of its sassy keychain you can use to attach it to your bumbag (or Fanny Pack for my American readers!)

2. Shara Shara Revital Magic Cream 45g $16
Shara Shara and their cute tins have a lot to answer for, as Memebox likes to throw their items into any type of box with a hint of cute in the title. I have a few lip balms and lip scrubs and various things in cute little tins. It is a fairly unappealing looking beige cream inside which is absolutely saturated with the smell of eucalyptus. It is however supposed to help heal acne scars and blemishes so this is definitely something I will keep to hand for a night time spot treatment and it will look kinda sweet on my bedside cabinet. So far Memebox has only been mildly disappointing.

3. ddung Lovely Girl Mascara 7ml $24
I guess this is a rare and beautiful mascara? What can I say, its mascara. I am sure it is a perfectly lovely mascara but I am not a mascara junkie. I use Benefit's They're Real currently and it works just fine for me. In fact I am still in a mini sample and have a full size to use as well as a Givenchy sample. Unlike lipstick and blush I do not hoard mascara or try many out. My lashes are fairly dark and I guess a decent ish length so I just curl them, put some on and go. I don't think a lot about it! So I guess what I am trying to say is I don't need this rare and beautiful mascara. 

4. Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher $7

This was actually a choice product between Pale Pink and Warm Apricot. I got Warm Apricot which woud be absolutely disastrous and my pale cool toned skin. I cannot pull of peachy blushes at all. The packaging is sweet I guess but a lot of Korean Blushers come in this domed compact with the puff so its not a particularly rare thing, I know Baby Face and Etude House do very similar in style blushes.

This box was $19 and has a Memebox value of $52. I am keeping half of the products and parting with the two final items. I don't hate the box but I don't like it either. I think there are so many better things Memebox could have put in, and for the 'expensive' item to be a mascara? Not hitting my buttons I am afraid!

Memebox seems to be backing away from boxes at the moment. Perhaps things will change in the new year, as they are requesting people to recommend people for them to do collaboration boxes. With the Soothing Sista box being so awesome I don't mind if they stick to doing amazing collab boxes, but I do hope new boxes come soon! The link below will take you to the Memeshop which actually has things in, unlike the box section, and my December code for $5 off a $30+ spend is RQ6V9A!

As always thanks you for reading. I am also on Reddit Asian Beauty, which is an awesome resource if you are into, erm, Asian beauty!

Martha x

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