Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Memebox Special 76 The Empress' Secrets: Unboxing and Review!

The second part of my ancient queen bundle was the Empress' Secrets box. People expected milk in the Cleopatra box and most expected this to be a reincarnation of the much lauded oriental medicine box. I had very high hopes!

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This box has, in my opinion, an odd mix of products and I don't really think they are particularly on theme, but as usual they are things that will fit into my skin care regime.

First up are the cards.

The bunny is back...

Just from looking at the cards there are some immediate odd ball products, such as the make up wipes, but let us give the box a chance!

1. Lime Natural Double Very Moisturising Cream 75ml $39
I think I am very nearly at moisturiser crisis point but I keep hoarding them. This is a light textured cream, and its lilac. How can I complain about something that is lilac!?

This cream is enriched with acai berry and a blend of ancient medicinal herbs. This is light enough for me to use as a day moisturiser and as most of the ones I have are heavy I am pleased with it. It absorbs well and does not leave a shiny face. Oh and it smells lovely which is always a plus!

2. Daltokki Facial Scrub 90ml $30
The return of the creep human faced bunny. I first came across this bunny in the Snow White box, and it was terrifying then and it is terrifying now. So this is a 'glutinous rice cake' based facial scrub, and Unboxing Beauty luckily researched this and found out you only leave it on for 30 seconds, which Memebox did not mention! It is a very thick sticky mozzarella like formula, similar to the Bounce Cheese cream but you must rinse it off quickly to avoid any redness.  I can only assume Empress' in the ancient Asian world loved glutinous rice cake?

3. Tosowoong Sny-ake Wrinkle Free Essence 100ml $30
This completes a trio of products from the Syn-ake line, as I received the lotion and mist in my Elixir box. This is designed for anti ageing, and contained synthesised snake venom to help the skin. It strengthens dry dull skin which is ideal for winter. I like having three products from the same line to see how they work together, but the bottles are so similar I can see me mixing them up very easily!

4. Soy Bio Fermented Lumpoule 5ml x 2 $25
The full size of this product comes with fourteen of these little vials for $174, so these two are worth $25. Based on my first application each of these should last for four or five uses. Lumpoule is exactly what it sounds like, a mix of the words lump and ampoule. The lump refers not to the texture but to the fact it is made from fermented soy bean lump to brighten the skin. This is a very silky feeling ampoule and it absorbs well.  It has no noticeable smell. I guess the fermented element is what places this in the Empress box.

5. Purederm Make-up Cleansing Tissue x30 $6
Ahhh the royal make up cleansing tissue, I knew these would be in here. So this product isn't necessarily one which i would associate with fancy Empress', and I think that feeling has been felt across the board. I don't tend to use cleansing tissues but I will give these a go to see how they work. I have been enjoying green tea products and Memebox has included some good Purederm items before I am happy to try these.

So overall this is a box of useable products, but none of those are really exciting me. The box cost $23 and we received a Memevalue of $130. Although I will use all of these items it has strengthened my resolve to stick to mask and food themed boxes from now on as I have enough random skincare to last me a lifetime! I was really excited for the Cleopatra and Empress boxes, and although they have not fully disappointed me, I haven't been excited by them either.

The 12 Days of Christmas Memebox promotion is coming to an end, and if the possible spoilers I saw earlier are anything to go by it is fizzling out slightly, but we can always hope! You can use RQ6V9A for $5 off a $30 order!

Happy shopping and have a fabulous Christmas!
Martha x


  1. The lilac cream looks so good! And the texture appears to be lovely too.

    1. It is really light and lovely! I LOVE heavy creams but sometimes you just want something light and fluffy for the daytime!