Monday, 1 December 2014

Memeshop Product Review: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

I have heard this product raved about since people received it in the OMG Memebox, so when it went on sale at the Memeshop I had to grab myself some of this little piggy!

Look how cute he is. With his neckerchief!
I thought I would do a review whilst its still on sale for $19 (plus a free gift, but I wouldn't get too excited, it is no doubt a Marzia box!)

So first impressions, how can you not love the little piggy dude on the packaging. It also comes with a sticker certifying it as a genuine product. Elizavecca is a popular Korean brand and fakes have been reported so its good to have!

Although Elizavecca packaging predominantly features the cute piggy in various guises, the logo appears to be a bandana and sunglasses wearing rabbit (think Tupac... but a rabbit) which features heavily on the rest of the packaging, inside and out.

I appreciate cute packaging, and packaging with attention to detail so I do like this. I also like how the product itself features Pigling too.

He's so bloody happy with himself how can it possibly be a bad product?
So the product comes with a 'hammerhead' shaped spatula for hygienic dispensing. I would definitely recommend using this as you wouldn't want the foaming action to happen whilst in the tub and so keeping it away from water etc would be advised!

Inside is looks like a typical clay based mask.

It already looks frothy and bubbly in the tub and it has a lovely gooey texture when you apply it to the face. When I first applied it to a damp face it felt just like any normal face mask and I wasn't sure what the fuss was about. However when I began to massage it I could feel the bubbling begin, and by the time I had got myself into the bath it was full on foaming. I didn't feel any tingling or anything unpleasant, just a soft bubbly feeling. It did foam up completely up my nose so I had to rub a bit away rom that area before I inhaled half the mask! This is my face after roughly a minute of having the product on.

I left it on for roughly five minutes. When I rinsed it off my face felt insanely clean and super soft. It really felt amazing. This product contains, amongst other things, charcoal and matcha powder, and extracts of pomegranate, green tea, aloe vera, cinnamon, oregano, white willow peel, peony root and fermented soy. It doesn't appear to contain any pig collagen which is in a lot of Elizavecca products (hence Mr Pig!)

This is definitely a Memebox product I will repurchase and would not like to be without. It joins the 7 Second Masks on my list of Holy Grail products. Seriously check out the 7 Second Masks if you haven't already. I have noticed a massive difference in my skin from using them on a morning and have already ordered two back up packs!

Overall verdict: Brilliant. Grab some if you can!
Martha x


  1. I love that mask, it's one of the few Memeproducts I've gone back to buy again. I also like that it only takes 5 minutes to use. Masks are usually supposed to stay on for around the 20 minute mark, and I find it can be hard to carve out that amount of time without somebody coming along to laugh at me for having a stupid mask on my face. But with this you can lock yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes, job done.

    1. Hahah I always forget when I have masks on, especially hair masks, I have opened the door to the postman with some right claggy messes on my hair!

  2. it doesnt have any pig extracts right?

  3. I think that rabbit logo means this product is animal cruelty free, you should check out many blogger wrote about this one...hope it's useful :D