Friday, 10 October 2014

BeautyNetKorea Order: Missha, Tonymoly, Holika Holika

So this is actually my first BeautyNetKorea order (I mistakenly thought my order from Cosmetic Love was from BNK as I am such an expert...)

It got here in roughly a week from Korea and I ordered from their eBay store.

The main reason I decided to order! TonyMoly Panda Sleeping Pack
So I had originally ordered the TonyMoly Memebox after seeing the spoiler of it! However, after seeing the full unboxing I decided to cancel it and just buy the cream by itself!

So I'll admit I bought it mostly for the packaging. Its so cute (though its white and navy instead of white and black which I found odd!) I love sleeping packs and I will use this, and depot other creams into it to keep the packaging on my bedside cabinet!

Holika Holika Foot Peeling Pack
Another reason I wanted to order from BNK was to get a foot peeling pack. My feet are terrible so I am really hoping this works to get rid of all the dry skin so I can start using scrubs and moisturisers and have them make a difference!

Missha Cleansing Foam Latte Chocolate
I don't know why Korean cosmetics succeed where UK ones fail, but they make such amazing chocolate scented cosmetics! I have tried the chocolate range from Boots and was less than impressed, but this cleanser smells of chocolate. Real chocolate. Not nasty synthetic chemically chocolate a lot of cosmetics have. Actual delicious chocolate! I have also had chocolate cosmetics in my Cacao memebox and I have also ordered the Chocomania edition too as they all just smell so wonderful!
Missha Perfect Cover in 13 Milky Beige 
After trying and failing get a good BB cream I was recommended the Missha Perfect Cover. I was actually wanting to try the Signature Real BB but they didn't have that in 13 so I tried a smaller tube of this. I really love it so far, it matches my skin well and has a lovely texture. I will definitely try the Signature Real also when they get that in stock. I am sure I can find more things to buy, and with free shipping why not!?

I am also really pleased with the free samples they sent! Lots of packets of masks and moisturisers which is better than the usual BB samples you sometimes get which don't always match! Will use all of these!

So I will definitely be going back to BNK for some new things soon! The shipping was free which was great and I think this was around £18 altogether!


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