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Memebox Special 38 My Mask Box: Unboxing and Review

So this is the 5th Mask Box edition which I grabbed in a restock a couple of weeks ago. I haven't ordered previous mask editions but I was keen to try the mask editions after seeing unboxings on other blogs. Face masks are one of those things that will always get used so I was keen to grab this one!

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So it arrived yesterday with my SuperBox Yoghurt Box and I am excited to try out some of the different masks included in this box.
This box contains 7 different types of masks. Most of these are quite self explanatory unlike other items in Memeboxes so this is going to be more of an unboxing and quick first impression than a tried and tested review post due to the nature of them items!

Okay first up, cards!

Okay so first up we have the controversial product!

1. Pure Smile Mask Sheet 5 pack $6
Okay so lets address the controversy. These masks were a choice between six types, Mayu, Sake, Citrus, Pearl, Placenta and Honey. Mayu is horse oil which is used quite extensively in Asian cosmetics. As I am sure you can tell, I got Mayu. Many people have been pretty appalled that Memebox has included a product containing horse oil. I guess because people like horses, which is fair enough, but I do not think we should be so naive.  I disagree with much of the venom that has been directed towards Memebox on a few sites. Many countries eat horses, as I am sure we are all aware of after the horse meat scandal. If an animal is being killed for meat I would rather we use every bit possible of the animal rather than it going to waste. I am not upset by them including horse oil, no more than pig collagen, or me eating a burger or wearing leather shoes. I use animal by products, and to me I would rather not waste something useful if we are going to be killing an animal for meat. It is very clear what the product is as there's a lovely horse right there on the package.

So anyway, 5 sheet masks, I got the horse oil variety. 

2. Insobeau Beauty Secret Step Up Bust Mask $14
This looks interesting. This is a mask that is supposed to firm and lift the bust. You can wear it during the day under your bra or overnight. I haven't opened the package to check but just feeling it suggests it does not contain the industrial scaffolding that would be required for my bust, but we can give it a go. Miracles can happen!

3. Pro You Pore Control Facial Mask 200g $53
This is a big tub, and you would expect so at a Memebox list price of $53! This is for areas of your skin with whiteheads, blackheads and I guess general break outs.  It has hyaluronic acid which pops up in a lot of Western spot control items, as well as witch hazel, aloe vera, green tea and chamomile, all which have soothing and healing properties. The ingredients list sounds really promising so I am hoping this will be a lovely spot area treatment for problem skin. The size of it means it will probably last forever and a day too!

4. Milky dress Aqua Sleeping Pack 50ml $23
This product was a little confusing as that little foil sachet appears nowhere on the card. I cannot quite tell what it is, the sachet just says 'Milky Dress The White Platinum anti wrinkle and whitening' the anti wrinkle and whitening bit match the description of the Aqua Sleeping pack, but not the rest. I'm guessing its maybe just a free sample of another product as even if they did go together, the sachet is clearly one use and the sleeping pack is multiple so you wouldn't be able to use them together more than once.

Anyway the sleeping mask has a nice lightly absorbed texture and a light fragrance, idea for going to sleep with under your nose!

5. Tosowoong Help Me Neck Patch
These neck patches usually come in 10packs for $30 and we got 2, so $6 worth. I love the name, no messing about, just HELP ME my neck is wrecked. I have used neck patched before but none as big as these. I also have a neck cream from my Sleeping Beauty Box so this will definitely help me to remember to take care of my neck, a much neglected part of my body!

6. Purederm Wrinkle Reducer Gel Patches 6 Treatments $12
These are a fairly useful but slightly boring item as they are just general under eye patches. I will use them as I get a crease line under each eye which often ruins concealer if I don't blend it very well with my beauty blender. Hopefully these will work alongside my eye cream to plump up that area to reduce this.

7. Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack100ml $30
My absolute favourite item in the box, as Elizavecca packaging is just so cute. I love the little piggys denoting the fact their skin collagen is all mixed up in that pot. Adorable. Nobody seemed too upset about this product as I guess less people like pigs than horses. I love both equally, and I am equally happy to have both on my face. So asides from adorable packaging this mask is used more like a moisturiser than a mask as you leave it to soak in and thats that. It helps to improve skin radiance and elasticity. And its super cute.

I tried to take a 'everything together in the box' picture but the sheet type masks just made it impossible so I gave up. This is a lovely mask box with masks for many areas of the body, eyes, neck, boobies, face, whats not to love. This box was $23 + shipping, and has a Memebox value of $144. I definitely think its worth my $23 and everything in this box will get used by me!

Memebox has also released a 6th edition mask box called 'Miracle Masks' which I have also ordered. At the time of posting this mask is sadly out of stock, having had a couple of restocks also. However, as I always see restocks do happen, and I am also sure Mask box 7 will be imminent as these seem to have become a monthly series too. The link in the picture below will take you to the Memebox site and allow you to activate affiliate discounts and points deals, and you can also use either of these two codes to get $5 off any order! L40M or 810QNN.

I hope you have all had a great weekend, I went shopping in York on Saturday and will have a post up soon with some of the things I picked up there!
See you in the morning for Monday 13th Octobers release!

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