Thursday, 30 October 2014

Memebox Special 44 Very Berry: Unboxing and Review!

Sticking to my unshakeable resolve of getting all of the food themed Memeboxes, we have the Very Berry box today! Food boxes have never let me down yet and they are my absolute downfall with products!
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Lets have a look and see what wonderful treats the Very Berry box has in store for us!

My wonderful-ish friend Kitty (here is her Youtube channel if you like Memeboxes and foul language!) bought this box even though she has a very strong dislike of strawberries. Some brave people would call her foolish. However, on looking at this box it may be that she is psychic, as out of all the berries in the world, strawberry barely gets a mention!

So here are the information cards. As I am sure many of you know these are invaluable as most of the products will be written on in Korean and therefore difficult for those who do not read Korean to understand!

This box contains seven full size products, all with a berry theme.

First up was the spoiler item. These are blind boxes but sometimes Memebox offers a sneak peek of one or more of them items.

1. Skin Cronies Aronia Moisture Cream 50ml $63
Firstly, the name of this is amazing. Skin Cronies! The fab little leaflet inside explains why they chose such a marvellous name. "The dictionary definition of cronies is a friend you spend a lot of time with." I guess this means this is a good friend for your skin!

The box it came in is pretty cute, if a bit dented! The moisturiser inside is pale pink and a medium thickness, not runny but not thick either. It smells lightly of berry but it is not overpowering, and it sinks into the skin nicely. Another nice moisturiser for my stash!

2. Konad Niju Blueerry Moisture Hand Cream 60ml $6
 First I apologise for the picture of this handcream! Clearly I didn't think I needed to take an actual picture... oh well it looks just like that! It smells very heavily of blueberry sweets rather than actual blueberries, which for me is fine as I love sweet smells. It absorbs well and is a perfectly lovely hand cream, one I might keep with me at work.

3. Swanicoco Super Brightening Hydro Solution 20ml $33
This contraption looks very scientific! It is a dual purpose product, one side has a repairing and brightening ampoule, and the other an extra radiance boosting formula. You press the grey buttons at the bottom and you can choose how much of each solution you want to use. This has a high concentrate of acai berry, hence its inclusion in the Very Berry Memebox!  The directions simply indicate a ratio of your own discretion depending on how much brightening action you would like.

4. Reinplatz Essence Mask 23g $2
This was a multi choice product where you could have received Blueberry, Mulberry or Raspberry. I think Mulberry would have been lovely to try but I received Blueberry. This can be added to my sheet mask stash. I actually just ordered a sheet mask only box from Oh Sheet Mask so I am looking forward to that box arriving too! Sheets masks are wonderful to have on in the bath, and you pat the essence in after you are finished with the mask.

5. Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam 150ml $48
This cleanser doesn't smell at all of berry but it does contain acai berry and raspberry leaves to leave skin supple and soothe irritations. I assume with it being at a Memebox RRP of $48 (though currently on a buy one get one free offer...) it is the worlds most wonderful cleanser. It is very thick and lathers well, but would I buy one at a $48, or $24 price point? No.

6. e Choice Fall in Love Berry Body Lotion 120g $3
This is a decent sized bottle of blueberry and cranberry body lotion. I get the cranberry scent much more strongly than the blueberry. Overall it absorbed well and left a light fresh scent after the shower. For a body lotion I thought it was a fairly small bottle so not sure how long this will last me!

7. Yadah Lovely Lip Tint Stick 4.3g $10
This was another multiple option product, with a possibility of Cherry Punch and Strawberry Smoothie, of which I received Strawberry smoothie. This claims to adjust to the ph level and moisture level of your lips to help prevent moisture loss and blend to the most natural colour for your lips. A bold claim! This is a little too bright for me personally so I will be trading it, but the packaging is very sweet!

Overall my opinion of this box is high. It has lots of useable items and it is curated to the theme really well. This box was $29 + $7 shipping, but has a Memebox value of $165 (or $141 if we take the cleanser at its buy one get one free price) Food boxes have won again! There are a few boxes that are food themed currently still on the Memebox Global Site, such as Green Food and Pumpkin Pie!

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Happy Shopping! I have a good couple of mail days so lots of things to talk about soon! I will also be hosting a giveaway on my blog soon. Leave any suggestions of what Memebox you would like to see up for grabs below. The only entry requirement will be following my blog so make sure to follow me on bloglovin or blogspot if you don't already!


  1. Such lovely products!!! Wish I had ordered this one instead of that stupid My Cute Wishlist 3 :(

    1. Hopefully it will come back in a restock Dollie!

  2. Looking at well done boxes like this made me overly hopeful for the Green Food box. Gah..

    1. Yeah it a shame that box went a bit off topic but at least it had some good things in!