Saturday, 4 October 2014

MAC Haul: Lipstick, Blush and Mini Pigments.

Whose ready for a haul with terrible swatches? I hope you are.

So recently Debenhams had 10% off beauty, so considering MAC never goes on offer I decided to get a few bits I was after. I also then bought some things from the MAC online store that were not available in Debenhams, the travel sized mini pigments as I had swatched them in a MAC store and they are gorgeous.

All my goodies together!

Click below for more information and swatches!
So for the record I do love MAC. They are great quality, and whilst there are better quality and better packaged items out there you cannot beat the range with MAC. If you want a colour, chances are MAC will have it, unless its something super wacky, then you can hit up Illamasqua (haul of that coming up later!)

So from Debenhams I got two lip products with 10% off. I got the Lipstick in Sin after seeing swatches of it in the new Rocky Horror Collection on Temptalia. The packaging admittedly isn't doing it for me so I was happy to realise that it was part of the permanent collection anyway! I also got the lip pencil in Nightmoth. I toyed between this and Currant last time I bought one, but with 10% I decided to get Nightmoth too.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Sin

Amazing swatches.
And... brace yourself. A lip swatch of Nightmoth with Sin

No other make up and in my pyjamas... slightly overdressed...
Okay so moving swiftly on from that, we have the Full of Joy blush. After getting slightly jealous of all the lavender blushes people were getting in Memeboxes I decided to get one of my own. After many hours (not) of searching I realised MAC did one so got it with 10% off from Debenhams.

In the pan
On my hand

So as this was a bit of a whim purchase I was worried I would just look like I had insane lilac powder on my face, but actually it blends out to a nice lavender purple and somehow looks quite fresh and natural on the skin. Probably more a spring blush but its nice to have it in my collection.

Last but not least the mini pigments. One thing I will say for MAC is that their travel/mini versions stack up value wise very well against the full size (some are weirdly cheaper to buy in the mini size ml for ml) These are £10 for 2.5g and they come in 8 shades. The larger size is £17 for 4.5g so price wise gram for gram they're almost identical. Obviously the larger size comes with a lot more variety, with around 60 shades.

However I think the mini size have some gorgeous colours and I picked up 5 of the 8, I do hope they bring out ALL of the pigments in the mini size though as I cant imagine ever finish a full one of these never mind a giant one!

Rose, Melon, Naked, Vanilla, Blue Brown

Amazing swatches: Rose, Melon, Naked, Vanilla, Blue Brown
All are gorgeously soft and blendable with great colour payoff.

So that is everything I got from MAC recently! Looking forward to the new Matte Lipstick collection which should be coming soon!


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