Saturday, 18 October 2014

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Lipsticks, Blush, Magic Cream

So I have finally got around to my Charlotte Tilbury haul which I have had for about two weeks. The reason for the delay is my original Filmstar Bronze and Glow came completely shattered on the Highlight shade which was pretty sad to open! CT did sort it out and quickly despatched another one along with some samples of their foundation so I am definitely pleased with the customer service they offer!

Stunning packaging!
So sad thoughts over, click through to see what I picked up!
I am not sure what possessed me to haul so badly from CT, I think a little tax refund I got was a big push. I think the stunning retro style packaging was another. As a huge packaging junkie the rose gold, burgundy and stunning attention to detail won me over massively.
As my order was over £150 I qualified for the Fast and Fabulous Delivery which is next day (oh they also had computer issues so I did not get it next day, I assume this is a one off and they did give me £6 store credit to make up for that) but I did get it in a gift box which is beautiful. If you are after a few things I definitely recommend waiting and getting it in a £150 order for the gift box!

Fast and Fabulous Large Gift Box and Love is the Drug smaller gift box
The gift sets also offer a small saving and a gift box as well!
And inside the packaging was again consistent with maroon and rose gold paper and tape.

This is one of the wonderful things about buying high end make up, the amount of attention to detail that goes into the smallest things! Opening this package was a dream come true. Admittedly the awe and wonder was spoilt slightly by the smashed Filmstar Bronze and Glow which is a shame, but overall I was totally won over.

So lets start with that pesky broken product!

This packaging is amazing, like a retro cigarette case.
Honestly I don't have any bronzers, this is my only one. The packaging was what won me over. Its like a beautiful retro cigarette case, but swapping the cigarettes for beautiful, soft, finely milled highlight and bronzer.

I love how the 'sunbeam' affect from the case is continued on the powder
It is so wonderfully stunning. The bronzer (sculpt shade) is very subtle and not orange which is helpful for my pale skin! It gives a subtle golden shimmer without being overpowering. I will be able to use this for both contour and to bring a slight glow to my face.

The packaging has so much detail, from the stunning design on the front which reminds me of old school Hollywood, to the continuation of that pattern on the powder. The mirrored lid also has a tiny Charlotte Tilbury logo star in the top corner. So beautiful start to finish!

Next up, one of my addictions... blush!

Just look at the beauty!
Again, rose gold and maroon with the CT logo and star
I am a certified blush a holic but I loved the idea of these, to have an outer softer ring of colour, then a 'pop' of a deeper shade to really accentuate the blush. There are another couple of colours I may pick up, such as Love Glow but this one is definitely my favourite. I got it in a 'Love is the Drug' lipstick gift set along with Night Crimson K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick, and I would definitely recommend it if you like both items as you get a few pounds saving and a lovely keepsake box. 

The next blush I got was a blush stick. I have been tempted by Blush sticks from both CT and Burberry (and I am hoping to make a Burberry order soon!) 

I got it in the shade Es Vedra after trying it in Harvey Nichols in Leeds and loving it. Its quite a frightening tomato red in the case but blends out to a gorgeous 'just been out in the wind' pink on the cheeks.

Rose Gold is my life!

Clown cheeks ahoy?!

I have done a swatch of this as it looks so terrifying in the tube!

Amazing swatch! Super pretty and soft pink, not tomato, I promise.
So, I had to get some lipsticks too, especially as they had just released the matte revolutions.

I love how the packaging mimics the style of the lipsticks, matte for the matte and glossy for the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick. Burberry also does this but actually has shiny and matte lipstick casing too which I love!

I have so much love for this stunning rose gold retro packaging.
Seriously the colours could be horrendous and I would still want them for the packaging. Its so amazing. I seriously feel like Audrey Hepburn whenever I look at them. They've really gone the extra mile to make these feel luxe.

Night Crimson and Red Carpet Red
I last minute changed my mind from Glastonberry to Red Carpet Red, but I see the majority of the matte lipsticks making their way to my house over the next few months, especially Walk of Shame, Love Liberty and of course Glastonberry.


Amazing swatches!
This next product I think I had a moment of madness over, but I am definitely glad. I did. I have seen this Magic Cream spoken about so much as something utterly amazing, so I had to try it for myself.

I don't think I have mentioned how much I like the packaging...
I do love this cream, it makes your face look dewey and amazing. At £70 its definitely a pinch, and I haven't used it enough to know if I will repurchase. However the cut glass and rose gold packaging means it will be a permanent fixture on my dressing table, I'll just decant whatever I am using at the time into it if I don't repurchase this cream itself. Its worth it, for, the, erm, packaging!!!

Overall I adore everything I have got. Regardless of the packaging these products are super high quality, amazing pigmentation and colours that are unique. Whilst I know that pretty much everything has been done before in make up and its pretty difficult to be truly new, Charlotte Tilburry manages it, especially with the matte lipsticks which are matte without being dry, the formula is some sort of magic. I would highly recommend everything from her, and I would also suggest trying to get up to that £150 for the delivery. It's nearly Christmas!

Plus it all looks amazing. Little works of art, each piece!
If you would like any more information on any of the CT I have hauled today please feel free to ask any questions (or any more amazing swatches... )


  1. I just wanted to ask if you've repurchased any of these products, and how you are finding them? They are quite expensive so longevity is a must for me before I purchase!

    1. I'll be honest I havent got through any of them to repurchase, but I absolutely would! The bronze and glow is fantastic, the lipsticks are some of the best I have tried and I love the blush.

      The only thing I don't think I would is the Magic Cream.